No Escape- It all started on a mysterious night Book

novel - Fantasy Romance

No Escape- It all started on a mysterious night


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Ava Green, 24 year's old beautiful and young doctor but life had been very cruel to her. Her best friend died, her boyfriend betrayed her and sent her to someone else’s bed, her father was sent to prison. To save her family Ava had to make a deal with a man who was a devil. Then she fell in love with the devil. She was really happy until, the hidden secrets of the man revealed to her. What will happen now? Oliver Knight, an arrogant, cold-blooded 26 year's old businessman well known for his vicious nature. A pure devil. He was a vengeful person who didn’t know how to show mercy. The moment he found out who Ava Green was he approached her for only one purpose that was to destroy her. But what was the reason behind his hatred towards her? and how far he would go to destroy her? Story plot by: Gu Nanyin