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Nirvana sect master system


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What is Nirvana sect master system

Nirvana sect master system is a popular web novel written by the author Nightingale367, covering HAREM, SYSTEM, ROMANCE, MALE LEAD, SECT, CULTIVATION, DISCIPLES, ACTION, ORIGINAL, REWRITE, Fantasy genres. It's viewed by 384.8K readers with an average rating of 4.73/5 and 14 reviews. The novel is being serialized to 161 chapters, new chapters will be published in Webnovel with all rights reserved.


As the sole survivor of the entire town, Ace had lost all sense of direction in life until he awakened the Nirvana Sect system after being through a near-death experience. But this made him question the situation, why did the system choose me? Having created his sect and established a place he can call home, he once again questioned himself, why did the system give me this? Having fallen and risen, all he wanted to was find the answers to life and most importantly, the origin of the system which shouldn't have existed. With the path to the apex being full of thorns, the loss of his disciples is almost a must. "I'm sorry...if only I didn't make this decision." "I'm sorry...if only I wasn't this reckless." "I'm sorry...if only I wasn't this weak." Nails digging into his palm, ground dyed scarlet by blood. Tears streaked down his face, muffled by the merciless rain... What was his decision and why would all the mysteries revolve around him? Read on to join the mc's journey in seeking those answers and enjoy a fulfilling reading session. Tags: Xianxia, sect building, system development, romance, harem (TBC), action, fast-paced, Male lead, cultivation, original, elemental laws Note: Elemental laws or any other intents or laws such as time, space and chaos etc, are all my comprehension and judgements towards them, if you have any other opinions, feel free to share them for a discussion as well. Release rate: 3 chapters/week (Slowed for now due to exams until mid-November, please understand) Volume 1: Chapter 1 to chapter 79 Volume 2: In progress Past chapters are being further edited for minor mistakes, current progress: Chapter 1~20 Note: Usual release rate is 7 chapters/week minimum, slowed down due to the author having exams at the moment. The image does not belong to me, if the creator of the artwork wants me to remove the cover, please let me know.

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For those of you who know, this is a rewrite of my previous novel "Talentless sect master chosen by the system" This novel is about a mature child who suddenly had to enter the cultivation world alone and even though it's a system novel, it would be a well paced novel.


I AM HERE AGAIN because this author is also a friend of mine so I came to show support. I can't believe they sneakily wrote almost 60 chapters and yet this story is so under the radar. HOW CAN NOBODY CHECK IT OUT?! The justice is absent so I shall be that voice that new readers need to hear. 1. Author makes a point of REGULAR UPDATES so you can relax, it will not leave you hanging parched in a desert of updates being just an illusion. 2. Author has a good grasp of the English language so your eyes will be blessed. 3. Unlike overrated popular novels of the same genre, I think someone who doesn't copy and paste similar plots and repeat them or thousands of chapters is worth giving a try. That said, if you're still not convinced then you shouldn't be here. Go read something else instead of scrolling through reviews.


Is this a huge harem? Is this a huge harem? Is this a huge harem? Is this a huge harem? Is this a huge harem? Is this a huge harem? Is this a huge harem? Is this a huge harem?


While I’m not a fan of harem, I applaud the author for writing a plot with cultivation involved because cultivation to me is a complex subject, and I don’t really get to appreciate the work of authors who write with cultivation that well. But this was surprisingly lot better in explanation, and it was able to follow along the storyline without getting majorly confused ! xD All in all, to any readers considering if to read this, do read it before deciding to skip ! So keep up the good work author ! (๑>◡<๑)


Hoping more readers could find this story. The potential is good :D Keep it up, author! Hoping you could also drop an initial review for my new novel. Its title is Isekai Institute. Thank you!


It is well-written and has a great potential to be one of those popular cultivation theme novels out there. Considering that it has already a lot of chapters going, it's the best time to binge reading it. Yet, I think the flow of the story line is a bit confusing. There are some parts of the story that makes you think, where did it happen, and if you missed some part of the story. I’m halfway done reading and I can’t seem to put it down. Good job!


Although I'm not really a great fan of cultivation and system stories, I have read a few great ones. The "Nirvana Sect Master System" has potential to be one of them. However, I will give an honest review, and here it is: Points to consider: -Flow: The scenes could jump all over the place, so be careful of that. I didn't even realize the scene had gone from a flashback to present time until rereading it. -Grammar: The grammar is relatively better than most Webnovels, but I can't deny that it still has some issues here and there. -Characterization: I think this is the point which I have to emphasize on the most. What makes the character different than the other cultivation novel MCs? Frankly, I'm more interested in knowing his mother more than himself. Good points: -The novel has so many chapters, and as a fellow author, I applaud that! -It's generally clear to understand, and can be a great binge read for cultivation and system lovers alike! To conclude, it's a binge-worthy read, yet still suffers from grammatical errors and general clarity of narration. However, I do sense that it might get better as it goes on, so read on! I might consider continuing this as well. :D To the author, great job and keep up the good work!


There are many chapters to read. I'm quite surprise that this story isnt getting the attention that it deserves. The english and grammer is actually quite good compared to most of the translations. The MC Ace is actually a MC with his own personality and readers will surely empathy with him. I am hoping that it is harem though:)


While I do enjoy power fantasy this seems well paced. I hope the author takes the time to explore character weaknesses and not make them ridiculously overpowered too quickly a slow burn imho is always better than a quick burn. This is a very underthe radar novel.


I just wanted to leave a review to support the authors dedication, although I am part of Anti-Harem sect the authors willpower leaves me in utter shock. Even if I and other Anti-Harem readers won't enjoy the novel, the person writing deserves a review by his self.


excellent story I love it, keep updating regularly, I can't wait to get the rest. good perssonage construction ---------------------------------------------------------------------


More chapters would be nice. Some grammar mistakes. Other than that, amazing novel and hope for many more chapters lol. Djjfjfjdjfjdjdjdjdjdjd


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