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What is Ningen no Tenshi

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Follow the protagonist, a high school dropout whose real identity was hidden away as a mystery to those around him, but to himself, he was a dead man walking in the world of the living. As he had been brought back to life as a being of Light. Entrusted with the task of saving the world, he was sent back into his world to find what would help him against the march of darkness.

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This novel introduces a fresh concept for me, with a blend of japanese tropes and a touch of western mythology. I feel that volume 1 has a strong hook for readers, as it keeps you guessing what powers the MC really possess from the foreshadowing and what this "new world" really brings to the table. I've read a plethora of novels, mostly japanese and chinese (wuxia), couple of western novels and is fascinated to see the likes of well known mythology such as Avalon and Excalibur appear in "isekai" related story. I would like to see how the author plays with the materials in hand to make a rich and flavorful story. I am glad the author to satiate my lust for my constant need of innovative, unorthodox stories as it introduces a much more exciting read then your day-to-day generic isekai novels. I thank the author for the effort to research on foreign languages and mostly for the time he took to write this. Arigato Niku-kun


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I am not really good in writting rewiews but i thing it is sad if novel like this havent one. This novel is only at its beginning but i already love it and cant wait on next chapter. I only hope that it will be still so good as it is so far and that autor dont drop it. :)


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