Nine Venoms Sect Founder Book

novel - Eastern

Nine Venoms Sect Founder


Ongoing · 2M Views

  • 170 Chs

  • 4.8

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“I admit defeat. There is no one more shameless and deceitful than Harun under the vast Heavens. He’d fool demons and gods with his innocent face, then screw them over with a triumphant gloat,” said the Devil Ancestor, first witness to Harun’s delightful misdeeds. Harun, Plague Overlord of the Noxious Flame World, ascends to Heaven after 150 years of cultivation. At first expecting celestial wine and phoenix meat, Harun instead faces the harsh reality of once more being the underdog. Soon he falls victim to a conspiracy aimed at his unique left eye, must escape the clutches of Heavenly Gods, Empyrean Monarchs and divine clans—and win the 10,000 Sects War. But all those mighty deities and hegemonic forces forgot to take one thing into account: they’re dealing with a cunt. A clever cunt with enough venom to drown a state. Follow Harun as he evades calamity, obtains a Sect Founder System, and goes on to establish history’s number one sect with the tears of his swindled foes. https://discord.gg/tucy4kc


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