1 Death

woosh* woosh* woosh*

The sound of rapid footsteps echoed inside the dark forest. The figure of a man could be seen as he sprints through the thick trees. Behind him were several other shadowy figures chasing him relentlessly.

The chase continued on for several minutes before it had to stop. the man halted in front of the edge of a cliff, only a step away from falling into the abyss. Moments later, the shadowy figures also came out of the tree line. The two parties stood face to face as they tried to catch their breaths.

Under the full moon, the face of the man was finally revealed. The man had long red hair draping over his shoulders, like lava flowing down a volcano. His red fiery red pupils fit perfectly with his swordlike eyebrows. Every feature on his face was proportionate, making him look like a marble statue.

Beads of sweat drip down his forehead as he faces his pursuers. Even though he is cornered, there was no fear on his face just hatred and determination.

"You have nowhere else to run Mr. Lenin" the man who seems to be the leader of the group said. In total, the group had 8 men equipped with military-grade equipment. Their guns aiming at Lenin and their fingers on the trigger ready to shred him to pieces.

Lenin didn't respond and just stared down at the man who just spoke not even paying attention to the guns pointing at him. After a while, a smile slowly formed on his handsome face and the hatred and determination vanished from his face. only peace was left.

"Tell Maria that I, Lenin Sullivan, forgive her for all the wrongs shes committed against me." Lenin finally said those words and took a step backward.

"STOP!!!!! How cou-" the voice of the man was drowned out by the intense sound of the wind. The feeling of falling made Lenin sick but he was able to ignore it.

Slowly scenes started to appear before him. A woman smiling in a summer dress as she looked at him with loving eyes. She was simply beautiful and it took his breath away. Lenin closed his eyes and waited for his death.

'I'll be joining u soon love'

crack* The sound of a body hitting the cold hard stone echoed in the dark.

On the edge of the cliff, the man that talked to Lenin stood there looking down at the dark chasm. On his face, there was regret and a tinge of fear. He sighed and tapped his earpiece to communicate with someone.

"We've lost the target. He committed suicide" the man said with deep emotionless voice. " Mission failure"

With that, he took the last glance at the abyss and ordered his men to move out.


Inside a luxurious mansion room, a group of people gathered around a long table talking about some business. They had a serious expression on their faces. At the head of the table sat a beautiful young woman.

Knock knock

Suddenly a knock came on the door and everyone halted their discussion and turn to look at the beautiful woman.

"Come in" the woman ordered with a mellow voice.

As soon as she said that an old butler walked in and went straight to the woman's side and whispered something to her. After that, he stepped back and waited for the woman's order.

"Meeting adjourned" with that the woman stood up and walked out of the room with the butler leading her out. Everyone inside the room had a surprised expression on their face as if they've never had this kind of thing happen before.

The butler led the woman to another room which was much more empty and less luxurious. Inside the room, there were already several people. One of them was the same person that chased Lenin.

As soon as he saw the woman walked in he got on his knees and begged. "Ma'am please let me explain. Please, I never wanted this to happen. He just jumped so quickly I had no chance to-." Before he could finish a foot slammed into his side making him gag.

"Tell me exactly what happened," the woman said coldly. "Don't leave a single detail out."

The man started telling the full story of what went down without daring to leave a single thing out. After a while, he finishes and looks at the woman expectantly. Hoping that she would let him go.

Contrary to his wishes the woman grabbed a pistol from a nearby guard and shot the man in the face. She kept shooting until there were no more bullets left. The man's head was in a gory mess not many people would be able to witness.

"Dispose of the rest of the team. Make it as painful as possible." the woman ordered the butler.

She walked out of the room until she reached a secluded room. Her strong and straight back was now bent like she was devoid of energy.

Finally, she dropped to the floor as tears started flowing down her eyes. The once composed and confident woman was now a sobbing mess.

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