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Nine Fates of Hell


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Once upon an ancient time, in the planet of Jupiter, divided into 36 continents and over ten thousand countries, a great seal was placed upon by gods to separate the three realms-heaven realm, mortal realm, and hell realm. The seal was only to be broken by the prophesized immortal who will dominate the whole upper and lower realm. However, the seal was temporarily broken when an orphan boy visited a forbidden ground and stole an artifact that must belong to the demons. Monsters from myths have risen from the depths of the earth and destroyed the city. And perhaps, the only way to survive is to be a cultivator by bathing in the flames of Nirvana. Levi is an ordinary but ambitious boy who dreams of escaping his sealed hometown and travelling the greater expanse of the world. He hopes to be a cultivator who flies beyond the horizons and reach true immortality to heavens. But his dreams were to end because of one huge mistake. Now, he has to accept covenant with a demon in order to save himself and everyone from destruction. However, he have to pay the price of accepting a demon's soul and learning forbidden techniques. All his dreams are overturned, and instead of fighting his way to heavens, he must walk the dangerous path to hell. Conquering monsters, beasts and evil cultivators, he is to find out that his own world is Hell itself. "All the world's already corrupted by power, of vengeance, of war, of hate and greed. All realms will be destroyed in no time. However, there is only one way you can stop all these. You won't need to become a god. You will have to learn to walk your own fate; completely free and unbounded by any seal and curse. And to travel unstoppable, conquering anything that stands on your way. Use your blade, slay your enemies and step on their corpses until you stand on the highest pinnacle of cultivation! But before that, I will help you tread, the Nine Fates of Hell..." [this is a new edition of the story, the protagonist is changed to female, not Levi]


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