1 The Sawmill

Zack woke up eager to meet up with the rest of the group. he quickly grabbed his things and headed for the park. Zack's parents were on a business trip and will be gone for a couple of days. Zack reached the park and saw Ally, Jim, and Billy. The group planned to explore an abandoned sawmill. The sawmill was in the Mist Zone so they had to be cautious and careful. The group's state had multiple zones: The Settlement zone where all the cities and towns are, The Business Zone where all the companies and big industries are located, The Badlands where there are no laws and war is a way of life, there are many more zones to explore but to get to them you have to go through The Badlands except one Zone. The Mist Zone: The Mist Zone is a goldmine for explorers. The Mist Zone use to be The Settlement Zone but one day marauders from The Badlands came and attacked. The Cities were destroyed and overrun. That was the first time marauders left the Badlands but now we have soldiers and militias so there are no more attacks from The Badlands. The group was standing at the beginning of the Mist Zone. No one knows where the mist came from but it arrived shortly after the attacks. The group walked in but it wasn't misty at all. The air was clear. The group was confused but continued. They walked for a couple of minutes and finally reached a sawmill. it's the same sawmill they saw in the newspaper. it was the same sawmill where the Massacre of 2056 accured. The Settlers fled to this sawmill but eventually were surrounded by marauders and gunned down. "This place just feels dangerous", said Ally. "yeah it does", agreed Jim. The group reluctantly continued and went closer to the sawmill. The logs on the ground had dried blood all over them. the walls of the main building's first floor walls were covered in dried blood on the outside. on the ground was a breaker pistol. Breaker Pistol: a pistol used by marauders and packs a hell of a bullet. The bullet from a breaker pistol could break every bone it hits. Zack picked up the pistol and examined it. The pistol had a little bit of blood on it. whoever used was bleeding either from being cut or shot. next to the pistol was a lumber axe. The axe was damaged but still useful. one of the Settlers must have used it to try and fight back. must have succeeded. The group was done exploring the sawmill. Billy scouted ahead and spotted a brick wall and a giant metal gate.