5 Hide and Go Die(4)

There was definitely something off about the conductors cabin.

Unlike the rest of the dilapidated train, this section of the train was modern and sleek. The walls seemed as if they had been newly painted, the floors didnt send out a rusty creak underfoot and there was the smell of new furniture, the kind of naseuating yet brand new scent that he was familiar.

It was definitely off-putting and the bad feeling in his gut kept on increasing the closer he got to the door.

Anyone else would have been breaking out into a cold sweat, only barely gritting their teeth to continue walking through the suffocating atmosphere.

Chu Yi on the other hand grew more excited the creepier it became. Something about not knowing whether or not he was going to die sent pleasant tremors down his spine.

He got closer and closer to the door, the anticipating light in his red eyes growing brighter the closer he got.

With the only sound being his light footsteps stepping onto the hardwood floors. The harsh breathing and heavy footsteps suddenly coming from behind him was particularly abrupt.

With eyes constricting, he swung his scalpel in the direction of the intruder.


There was the sound of a knife penetrating flesh, before a shrill scream rung out. It was obviously male but the high pitch could definitely put opera singers to shame.

Turning elegantly on his heels, Chu Yi made eye contact with the unfortunate victim.

To his suprise, who came into his vision wasn't the gruff Chun Li or the timid Ren Yuanqing, it was the fat middle aged man Zhong Feng who had been trembling in fear back in the first cabin.

There was a very conspicuous, stab wound on his shoulder and blood spurted like a fountain from the opening.

It seems he had been unlucky enough to run directly into the blade of the scalpel but luckily avoided being stabbed directly in the neck.

With regards to this, all Chu Yi had to say was,

"Shut up. Your disturbing my fun"

Zhong Feng had the mind to continue wailing, but as those red eyes glared at him annoyed, the rest of his screams got stuck in his throat.

A cold shiver ran down his back, he had a stomach feeling that if he continued to scream, this man would swing again, but this time not on accident.

With brows furrowed, Chu Yi continued walking towards the cabin. Unfortunately, the previous tension and excitement that he had built up was shattered by the glaring light bulb that continued to follow him.

"Tha-that..where are we going?."

Chu Yi stared at him harshly but disdained himself to answer

"Conductors Cabin."

Short and neat.

There was a a very audible gasp behind him.

It seems he wasnt the only one who had been warned by the system.

Zhong Feng opened his mouth to question why. But thinking about it, this was very obviously a lunatic and asking dumb questions would probably get him killed before the system could take a swing.

His heart palpitated in chest.

In order to comfort himself, he started recounting what had been hunting him previously.

"After we split up, the others left me in the cabin and I-I.. was too scared to leave, but after waiting for a bit the lights had started to flicker on the verge of going out and I got too scared to stay."

Even though he was a coward, he knew that staying in the dark at this time would just be asking for death and could only hurry out to look for clues on his own.

As he spoke through his words stutteringly, Chu Yi glanced at him meaningfully. A flash of suspicion passing through his eyes quickly. He didnt interrupt, only continued to listen to the story.

Apparently afterwards, Zhong Feng had been making his way to the dining cart when he suddenly heard the sound of crackling. Then came the sounds of shrill screams and lunatic ravings that kept echoing in his ears, he kept looking around paranoid, breathing becoming heavy, his limbs shaking, palms sweaty-


The sound of something falling from the sky echoed harshly as it met the floor.

Zhong Feng had been sent directly into a panic and started running wildly in any random direction before chancing on Chu Yi. His words became bitter at this point as he looked at his still bleeding wound, reminded of the pain in his left arm.

The cut was shallow enough to not endanger his life but it was definitely painful and he needed to wrap it. But he couldnt do it by himself and he didnt have the courage to ask Chu Yi for help, so he could only walk along pitifully like a kicked dog.

Chu Yi didnt bother to speak to him anymore because by now they had arrived at the cabin.

Standing in front of them was a large , mahogany door. The locks and bolts were free from rust, shining silver and had obviously been newly inserted.

This door was glaringly out of place with the rest of the train. On a shining gold plaque embedded on the door read,

[Conductors Cabin]

Something about those words sent Zhong Feng into a panic. His breathing picking up behind him, eyes fixated on the door.

"I-I dont th-think-"

Chu Yu didnt give him a chance to continue speaking though.

He had already pushed open the door, hands grasping tightly onto the scalpel in preparation for a fight.

The air was tense and heavy as the door slowly creaked open to reveal-


There was no scary monster jumping out to scare them, no blood on the walls, no severed heads, no conductor waiting to kill them.

Inside was just a standard room equipped with a large bed, some small cabinets and a closet.

Plain and simple.

Stepping cautiously into the room, he looked around and confirmed. The conductor really wasnt here.

Zhong Feng caught sight of the flash of disappointment on his face after he realized this fact.

His face scrunched into a mess as he stared at Chu Yis back.

This man was very dangerous.

Chu Yi got to work searching the cabin. At first glance there was nothing eye catching in the room.

After searching the cabinets and under the bed extensively he still couldnt find anything noteworthy.

He frowned unhappily , this was becoming troublesome.

He turned his head to Zhong Feng who had been standing motionless in the corner and signalled him to start helping.

Jerking, he immediately got to work checking the closets and the bed again.

But even after employing help , nothing came up.

"I- I..may I ask? What exactly are we looking for?."


He had forgotten to tell him.

"Check if you see, a corner of a map or something like a crumbled piece of paper with blood stains on it."

After a around half an hour of search, there was an loud exclamation.

"I found it!."

Chu Yi immediately walked over and took the piece of paper that he held in his hands.

It was the part of the map that he had lost. Turning it over there was something written on it.


He had found the ticket.

He looked at Zhong Feng who stared back at him.

"Where did you find it?."

"Ah- , It was there, under the mattress of the bed."

Chu Yi stared at the bed for a few moment before turning away.

He had found the ticket but there was no prompt from the system to tell him that he had accomplished the task.

He guessed that it would only be completed after the Conductor inspected it.

It was now time to leave.

The time on his countdown had already fallen into the last hour.



It wasn't as exciting as he anticipated and he couldn't help pursing his lips in disappointment as he turned.

He expected more from the system,

He lifted a foot to leave but suddenly, he stopped dead in his tracks! 

There was a hum.

This hum was very low, 

A familiar charming deep voice singing in a hoarse tone, he couldn't tell what he was saying but what he did know was that it was coming from the front,

The open door directly revealed the existence stepping oppressively towards him,

There was no fear in his heart, 

Instead the corner of his lips raised in a grin,

At least he didn't let him down—

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