30 Doll House(8)


With a shrill laugh, the butler ended the farce in front of him with a clap.

"Please remember to be on time, the Madam has always hated late guests."

Another shrill mocking laugh, then he left , grabbing both feet of the dead player and dragging him away carelessly leaving a trail of foul blood to wet the carpets beneath.

The coagulated blood resembled red earthworms. It was as if swarms of earthworms twisted and writhed, each segment of their fat bodies contracting one after another, forming a dark-red, moving sea dripping along the sides of his neck into the floor.

Every time the butler would drag the dead corpse across the floor, a wet squelch would resound in his wake, squishing and trampling on the sea of worms.

If the man was alive such a scene would have made him immediately crawl up from the ground and rush, crazed, out of the sea of worms. Every time his foot landed, he would hear a loud squelch, as countless earthworms were squashed beneath his feet, neverending as it dripped from his veins.

But he was dead now and the blood was just blood.


It was like a switch had been turned off and in an instant, the craze and hysteria in the players eyes receded like a tide, leaving only frazzled confusion and fear.

Xiong Qi, dropped to the floor in a dead faint, spasming terribly with saliva and blood foaming at his mouth.

Uncontrollably, they stepped away from him in fear, although they had been mostly in a state of heightened anger, they could still remember the bloody and disgusting scene of Xiong Qi brutally tearing the neck of he other player and the chilling sound of him swallowing the flesh with a loud slurp.

No matter how pitiful he looked right now, no one could muster any sympathy for him.

They unconsciously looked around at each other, each remembering the vicious words and cruel curses a moment ago. Vehemently wishing for the most painful death and suffering to rain upon the rest, even willing to dity their own hands and do it themselves.

Although no one spoke about it, there was obviously more vigilance and restlessness in their stares when they looked at each other.

No one could be sure if it was really words said under unknown influence or the true filthy thoughts locked away in the darkest corner of their hearts

Eventually they retired to their individual rooms in silence, some with more thoughts than others.

Chu Yi from beginning to end stayed silent, it wasn't that there weren't persons who wanted to talk to him, it was just that whenever they'd look over at him inquiringly, he would stare at them back with a stoic, indiffrent gaze until they lost the courage to go over.

This was still only a low level instance, and although there were some veterans who had already passed their 4th copy, most of the player were only on their second or third and hadn't fostered that thick shameless skin that other experienced veterans would have.

Closing the door behind him, Chu Yi took firm steps into the room, a frown abruptly appearing on his pale face. With a angry scowl, he reached into his pocket suddenly and threw the pesky doll still hiding there onto the wall.

"Have you had enough fun yet."

Chu Yi was practically foaming at the mouth, a mocking sneer at the corner of his mouth.

When the doll still didn't respond , the urge to kill grew stronger. Anger colouring his cheeks and the corner of his eyes a pale red.

From the system space, he abruptly pulled out his beloved scalpel and with angry footsteps, approached step by step to the doll laying limply in the corner.

The dim light of the room cast an ominous shadow along his face, ruby eyes glinting in subtle excitement behind the biting anger. The excitement of hunt, the catching of a long awaited prey. Fingers tightening ever so slightly onto the  blade, hiding the tiny tremors of his hands,

He moved.

With a harsh glint of light, the blade came sweeping down onto the fragile doll.

The killing intent in his mind exploding to the limits.

He didn't seem to be facing just a puny doll but a precious sacrifice, neck lifted in honour to spill their crimson blood across his floor.


Instantly the excitement cooled down in Chu Yi's eyes as if it was just a mere illusion. An invisible force blocked the blow of the blade, preventing him from harming the doll.

His raised arms slowly lowered and with hooded eyes he stared at the doll before him.

This was the first time Chu Yi heard him speak in this instance. Unlike the conductors low, sultry voice, this voice was not rough nor hoarse, on the contrary, it was thick and elegant, with a long aristocratic charm, not hurried or slow, and it didn't seem to come out of the mouth of a doll.

The doll twitched for a moment before standing up jerkily under Chu Yi's gaze, as if it was being controlled by the traut strings of a puppet master.

The little thing turned its glassy eyes to Chu Yi, staring at him greedily.

Chu Yi was neither suprised by this development nor flustered.

If he had allowed him to severe the head from the body, that would mean that Raun Quixi did not need this vessel to survive but since he prevented him from doing so, it spoke of the opposite.

Without batting an eye, Chu Yi turned away from the red- dressed doll, calmly putting away his scalpel.

This turning off his emotions without a hitch was one of Chu Yi's biggest advantage and throughout the course of his lifetime, it was this that prevented him from getting caught in the beginning befor eye perfected his craft.

No one would be able to match that calm, gentle, highstanding neurosurgeon that saved hundreds of lives each year, to the maniac, seductive killer at night.

Separating each reality and never blurring the line.

From behind him, there was a pleased hum.

Ruan Quixi wasn't angry at being deceived either, just following along Chu Yi to the bed with jerky steps.

"I know what you want to find out dear- why you acted so out of character when we first met."


From the very beginning, Chu Yi wasn't himself. He wasn't a person that would follow along with his emotions so blindly.

Excited and reckless.

He hated the feeling of being out of control and if it wasn't for needing answers, he would have long found Ruan Quixi and removed all the nerves in his body as painfully as possible.

It wasn't like he was some pure virgin either but having his thoughts and reactions controlled by a man unnoticed wasn't a good feeling.

Ruan Quixi, the old rogue, could tell what he was thinking and knew exactly what was making Chu Yi unhappy.

With a deep almost hypnotic voice he-

Completely infuriated Chu Yi.

"If you let me fuck you again, I'll tell you."

"Fuck your mother!"

Hissing between clenched teeth, Chu strode over grabbed the little doll and threw it outside with a slam.

Taking deep, angry breaths, Chu Yi forced himself to calm down before blowing out the lamps and going to sleep.

What turning off emotions at the speed of light, he'd rather incinerate that damn man immediately.

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