Ch 1 / Nightmare moon and Jordan eagle: the nightmare that ends nightmares 11.1%

1 How it began part 1

Dimension 382-659 (my little pony anthro)

It was a normal day in ponyville, the townsfolk were going about there day, talking, shopping and running away from an everfree forest attack.

  "Seriously, didn't we have an attack, like, three days ago" said a cyan rainbow colored Pegasus. "Darn right we did, they seem to come out like crows at a corn crop" said an orange country accent earth pony. "Honestly darling, it's becoming fairly Tiring to keep on doing this, look what it's doing to my mane" said an alabaster unicorn, the unicorns mane was a disheveled mane that had twigs and what can only be assume to be a a birds nest and feathers, "Rarity watch out" said the country pony.

   As the country pony said that the everfree creature lunges at her, but before it could land on her, a purple aurora enveloped the creature and was thrown into a near by cloud which was then struck by lightning by the cyan Pegasus.

"Thank you twilight, you too applejack, good job rainbow" rarity said to her friends, "you're welcome Rarity, but we're not done yet, that creature is getting back up" rainbow dash said, as soon as she said that the creature stood back up.

  The creature didn't had a definite shape, it kept changing to try and kill the ponies in front of it, it was a star night sky color with its back moving it was now in a shape of a timber wolf but still has its color, it was circling the four mates waiting for an opening within them, but out of nowhere a party canon exploded in the wolves face and blew it back.

  "Sorry I'm late girls, I got caught up with an old friend who need a pick me up since they lost their favorite kazoo" said an energetic pink pony, "I'm just glad you're here just in time, thanks pinkie" said twilight, "You're welcome twilight, oh by the way author you forgot location of where we are, we're outside of ponyville by the way readers" pinkie said as she was yelling at the sky towards no one.

  "Uh pinkie who are you talking to" rainbow said, "The narrator of course, or will it be crea-" pinkie was interrupted by the sound of a howl that was demonic and had a black mist coming out of the creatures mouth and it was shooting out in all directions until it converge and shoot straight towards the five girls.

  "Now that won't do" said a mysterious voice coming from above, they looked up and the creature also looked up and stopped the swirling mist that was headed towards them, the figure they saw was a dark purple dragon with dark green spikes and dark emerald eyes that seem to glow, they dark gray pants with a few tears here and there, they had a black T-shirt with a j symbol on the front, their wings were the some color as their scales with darker green point spike in the end of the wings.

  "Let's finish this shall we nightmare soldier, I have a quota and you're the last one to get" they said

Twilights POV

The dark purple dragon just came out of nowhere and it's talking to this creature like it's some kind of hunting trophy, the more they talk the more I realize that it's a females voice.

  "Excuse me, ma'am, but we were in the middle of something, and you need to get out of here please" I asked nicely, the next thing I knew she was down here somehow created a crater between me and the wolf that she called a "nightmare soldier", she turned around towards me with a eyebrow raised.

  "Well if you think you take it, be my guest" she said with a bow and motioned towards it then stepped out of the way and out of nowhere a chair and umbrella was waiting for her to sit in, "To be honest I need a little break so this actually perfect, if you need me cry out" she said with sunglasses and a drink she had on her

  "Umm, okay, shall we continue this or should we start over?" I asked

Mysterious POV

I was actually against stepping out of the fight but they need to learn about how tough these soldiers are, honestly the lavender Alicorn was so stressful I thought that if she wants to she might as well take on that thing without being more stressed out than she already is, she was wearing dark purple Khakis and a light purple button up shirt with what I'm guessing is a pink under shirt.

  "Watch out for the black mist it can disintegrate anything with a direct hit use things like water to back off" I said while I was reading a book about dragons which was ironic since I'm a dragon now.

  The orange pony was wearing a red and white plaid shirt also with a white under shirt and blue jeans with tears like mine and a Stetson hat, her mane and tail was also tied with a red band.

  Well since it will take a while let me tell you how I got to be the dimension traveling person you know, well it all started when I was in my home dimension and timeline.

Flashback/Dimension/timeline 385-66678901third POV

A girl was running down the street towards a school that was meant for highly advance students, she was late for her first day of school and the school closes its doors with guards and cameras watching for people who are late.

  "Can't be late, can't be late, can't be late" she repeated out loud all the way towards the school, she finally made it just before the gates closed

  "Aww thank the gods I made it just in time, ok where's my first class?" She asked as she was looking down at her schedule, it said her first class was dimensional theory class.

  "What's dimensional theory, anyway it's on the second floor in room 1208" she said out loud as she was walking there.

  She then realized that she needed to run to her class because she just remembered that she was already late.

  "And that's the introduction to Dimensional Theory, any questions?" The teacher said to her class knowing that they didn't understand a thing, "I...have....one" said a student, "Yes and what is the question" the teacher looked at her door where the student was talking and panting from.

  "Can you repeat everything you said because I just got here?" The student said with much less panting, the class room look like an auditorium you see in movies that take place at colleges.

  "If you want to know what I said you can up a syllabus and ask me after class, now please take your seat miss...?" The teacher asked with a slight annoyance in her voice

  "Jordan, Jordan Eagle" Jordan said standing up straighter then she was leaning down on her knees

  "Miss eagle please take a seat and take some notes as I'm going to talk about the theory and basis of dimensional travel and how they are to be" she said, the teacher was wearing a black shirt with dark blue jeans, she had frizzled brown with yellow strikes hair and glasses on.

   "Yes miss Octive" Jordan said glumly

     She turned to see where to sit and found one seat that was in the middle row and was far right (her right)

    "Now back to the lesson" miss Octive said, as she was saying that Jordan was taking notes, but she was actually doodling about monsters and what she would look like if she a different species, "MISS EAGLE ARE YOU PAYING ATTENTION!!!!!!" Miss Octive yelled at Jordan as she was doodling her as a dragon, "Y-y-Yes ma'am, I am" Jordan said scared by the sudden noise

  "Then can you tell me the answer to this equation" Miss Octive said with anger in her voice

   Jordan looked at the board and almost immediately she solved it, "It's 3876980.7153883680018E" Jordan said with confidence, Miss Octive looked at her in amazement that Jordan didn't use a calculator to solve this problem.

  "U-u-umm yes, that's correct, how did you know that, I've been teaching this for twenty-eight years and no one solved it in one semester much less one hour, how did you solved it?" Miss Octive asked with amazement in her voice and eyes

  "Really, it seems easy, (she's just gonna say a bunch of mathematic words so I'm gonna skip that for your sake) and that's how that equals that, like I said easy" Jordan said with an eyebrow raised as everybody was starring at her like she grown a second head

  "See me after school Miss Eagle, I have something to discuss with you" Miss Octive said

The might of the time skip

  "You wanted to see me Miss?" Jordan asked worried she might have done something wrong.

   "Ah, yes, I do, just give me a minute" Miss Octive said as she was going through her desk for something.

  "Is there a reason I'm being held after school, is it I solved that equation this morning or is it because I was late for class?" Jordan asked all worried and tense

  "What, no, no, it's not about that, I'm giving you a chance to do some hands on work with me with this class, ah, there it is" Miss Octive said with excitement as she pull out what to be a steampunk looking gun.

  What happen next was pure shock and fear that went through Jordan as Miss Octive shot it to a wall and a portal just open.

  "What is that?, what is that portal thing?, why do you have this?" Jordan asked faster than Miss Octive can answer

  "Ok this is called a dimensional opener, that is a dimensional portal to another universe, and I have this because I'm looking for a predecessor, I can't keep doing what I'm doing, I'm getting a little too old for this, I'm in my forties, but you, your young and strong, and smarter" Miss Octive said while she was sitting down on her chair to emphasize on how old she is

  "And what exactly do you do?" Jordan asked, Miss Octive smiles a bit and reached for something that looked like a helmet except it had a bunch of wires on it

  "What is that?" Jordan asked most worryingly

  "Oh this will help me explain things better by giving you all the information out need for this job I'm giving you" Miss Octive said with a calm face as she was setting it up upon Jordan's head.

  "Is this safe, it doesn't feel safe" Jordan said with fear in her eyes and voice

  "Yes it perfectly safe, after all I survived it as well" Miss Octive said

  "Wait, what do you mean "survived it as well!?" Jordan asked in a panic

   Miss Octive didn't say another word and just flip the switch that was on the side of the helmet.

    Jordan saw the maps, plans, and blueprints of everything and the whole universe, she saw what was beyond, she saw the other universes as well, she was amazed, and also terrified of what she was seeing

  "Aaaand that's it, you should be updated on what's happening" Miss Octive said

This story is almost to 2,000 so I'm gonna put down a TO BE CONTINUED, until next time stay classy true believers

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