1 Chapter 1

Dirty, filthy, unpleasant, It gives me nausea.

Looking at my surroundings again, I'm surrounded by these types of people.

With a smile on their faces I'm betrayed, stepping my good intentions with a grin, their laughter is mixed with poison.

I want to kill myself for fighting desperately like an idiot for these types of people, without being able to rewind time I can only be in despair.

I'm the bad guy here because I was deceived, so, this end might be inevitable.

But if you told me if I can accept that, I can't.

「...We did it」

「Good grief, is a monster, really」

「Even so, this is the end. Everything like God wants, the evil has been purified」

While I feel that my life is going away for the sword that is piercing me, in my surroundings are my former friends, no, I looked at what I thought were my friends.

This is surely a punishment, a punishment for the me who believed blindly.

That's why, if there is a second chance, this time I'm not going to make the same mistake.

That's why, if I have a second chance, certainly I will kill them.

I'm going to kill the princess, I'm going to kill the knight, I'm going to kill the villager, I'm going to kill the wizard, I'm going to kill the soldier, I'm going to kill the saint, I'm going to kill the martial artist, I'm going to kill the assassin, I'm going to kill the dancer, I'm going to kill the merchant, I'm going to kill the king, I'm going to kill the queen, I'm going to kill the noble.

I'm going to slaughter everyone, with the most cruel method, with the most longest suffering.

In order to not forget, I'm going to carve it in the deepest, deepest, deepest part of my heart.

[System Message ・The holy sword of revenge was released]

In the midst of my consciousness fading I heard that voice. But, I can not move my body more, I can't do anything.

『Hey, where we went wrong… Tell me what I had to do in the midst of our playtime… Or maybe, from the beginning everything was useless… I pray, In a more different form… 』

And the last thing that I remember is, a girl who has no choice but to kill each other. Just like me, she has a sword piercing her body, it can't be helped that she let out a feeble laugh, she was the so called maou.

「Kuku, ahahaha, abahavahahhahahaha!!」

She was spitting blood with her laughter. Certainly is a funny story, the world enemy and the so called old enemy of the hero, the maou, is the only one who didn't lie in anything. Even a clown can dance a bit better.

「Che, he is not dead yet!」

「No, he doesn't have the power to stand up any longer. But, it might take time for the purification of a great devil 」

「That must be it, the only thing he can do is only glare」

While I heard their laughing without worrying, it's like they said.

I already lost so much blood so I can't think clearly. That's why only I can say words that are carved in my instincts.

「Aah, all of you, I'm going to kill you all absolutely…」

*Kachiri*, the total loss of HP was fixed, the consciousness has fallen into the depth of the darkness.

I, Ukei Kaito has died.

[System Message. Tutorial mode has been completed

Time to Completion : 4 Years 112 days 17 hours 52 Minutes 35 Seconds

Commencing Level and experience point regression based on Time to Completion.

Because the experience point had been regressed beyond the amount of acquired experience point, commencing reset to initial level with -20000 debt pool (of experience point)

Placing Exp Lock for Level Cap every 10 levels.

The regression had surpassed the maximum debt limit.

Because the maximum debt limit had been surpassed, suitable/corresponding skill will be deprived. Commencing skill regression.

Because the excess regression of the skills, Native Skill [Spirit Sword] will be deprived. Commencing regression.

Execution failure due to the effect of Holy Sword of Revenge.

Deprivation will be halted, switching to sealing it with Exp Lock.

Sealing is success. 53 forms from 58 forms of [Spirit Sword] forms had been sealed.

Offsetting excess regression had been completed.

Restoring parameters to starting Mode. Complete.

[Starting Mode restoration had been completed.]

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