Nice Guy Facing Rejection Again Book

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Nice Guy Facing Rejection Again


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16 year old Stewart (Stew for short) James was stuttering profusely while facing the girl he was so desperate to ask out on a date . She on the other hand was looking at him as though he had ask her to go dancing in a grave yard or something by her expression on her face. Stew knew that she had just recently broke up with her boyfriend of 6 months, he knew if he didn't make an attempt he would lose his opportunity to have a chance with her. Admittedly it had taken him a week to build up the courage to ask her because of his shyness and his lack of self esteem . The girl in question is Judy Williams, probably about one of the prettier girls in his school and she was popular. Judy Had naturally blonde hair and deep blue-green eyes , 5'7" , with a very good figure , she also was 16 years of age and in many of his classes at school. However , Judy liked the bad boys attitude in the guys she dated however which meant most likely ,and did , that he wouldn't stand a chance with her ,but he had to try anyways.