Nice and Easy or Nice and RoughNice and Easy or Nice and Rough

Nice and Easy or Nice and Rough

by AngelicChaos

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All Sofia has ever known is how to hold her own. She works hard, asks of nothing, and is willing to do anything for the people she loves. So when her parents decide the only way to stay afloat after losing everything they worked for their whole lives is an arranged marriage, Sofia is expected to do what she always does — sacrifice her own wants for everyone else’s. Now she is set to marry werewolf, Angelo, who left the pack to go to med school, but is now back to claim his alpha title. But what if this sacrifice leads her to finally getting everything she ever dreamed of? She thought an arranged marriage would be hell on earth. But what if it turns out this angel always longed for a taste of hell. And what if her husband to be, despite all of his mysterious secrets, is heaven and hell all wrapped into one. (This novel is R-18).

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