New World Online (HZ_Stories) [Ongoing] Book

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New World Online (HZ_Stories) [Ongoing]


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The Year 2045. [Oracle] The first device to ever implement the human mind into the midst of the creation of virtual reality. Ariene Silveen, a 15 year old who has perfect grades and heavy expectations she can't let down. Being born in a family who have a lot of debts doesn't make it any easier. Making her more responsible than other teens who has the same age as her. Being under such pressure along with her mother, she lost her interest in games ever since she was young. But one day, she found another meaning of life within this newly released 'game'. Ariene finds herself learning about more online, what she's been missing out on her life and making new comrades as they find out the truth about NWO. New World Online. It's more than a game. Dare to play? ~~~~~ Published on June-12-19.