1 God's Land

On a deserted land with out a single soul lurking out, cold breeze was blowing making whistling sound, from afar a man who seemed to be in his early 20s was walking slowly with a bow on his back and a seemingly rusted sword on his waist with a cold mysterious aura around him, behind him stood heavy armed soldier with a large great sword and a man covered in robe, both excluding death aura around them. In front of the young man stood the army of monster as large as the eyes could see with a monstrously big cow headed demon with human body which seemed as a minotaur...

Even in front of the large army, he didn't shrugged back and ordered the two beside him something. The one covered in robe cast a huge magic spell covering one fourth of the entire battle field, many skelitons started to rise from the spell casted area armed with a sword and shield, sworming towards the monster army and the other man beside him summoned a skeliton horse and rode directly to front lines colliding with the minotaur. As the sceans unfolded in front the young man, he unsheathed his sword saying something.

"Sword skill of the Sword demon"

Suddenly the air around him started to swirl around a huge amount of mana was being concentrated into his sword and he continued saying..

"3rd move, Massacre Sword"

A deep red flash coved half of the monster army and in the next second all their heads were in air, blood gushing out from headless bodies, it was total massacre onwards, the skeliton army annihilated the monsters and the strong build man on horse was riding the horse near the young man with the head of minotaur in his hand, it was the day when the 3rd army of the Demon Lord in first God's land was annihilated over a single night....!

The young man who seemed to be responsible for all this was seemed to be recalling his memories as his face looked pale under the moon light....


Somewhere in the wilds a young boy around the age of 15 was being beaten by a group of young men around his age, his clothes were covered with blood and face swollen.

One of the young man who was beating him said

" how dare a you, a son of coward and a traitor try to eardrop the lecture"

Another men among them said

"A son of scum will also be scum, let's teach him a good lesson"

After that they beat him until he has no more energy to even lift his hands saying,

"Be greatfull, that our Jin family even allowed a scum like you to live, not like that matters in half a year you are going to enter The first gods land, you will be dead as soon as you enter there"

The men laughed some more and kicked him some more time before they left and the young man on the floor mumbled something.

"79 punches and 63 kicks, I will be sure to return this favor by three folds..."

He said with evil smil on his face all while struggling to get up from the ground.


A man who was watching the scean from the top of the mountain said to himself.

"what a cunning young fellow, The one with grudges are the scariest things ever but I like that, he seems suitable enough to learn 'that'

, not like I have time to find another fellow"

With a smile on his face the man dissapered like he disappeared into thin air.


The young man crawled his way to a broken hut. He opened the door and went straight to the bed there he saw a letter with two swords, one of which was a wooden sword and another one was a rusty old sword seemingly to break after swinging two to three swings.

He held the wooden sword in one hand and tried to pull up the rusty sword but the next moment he was shocked, the rusty sword which seemed to broke after two swings didn't even budge with his full strength after trying his best he moved the sword away took up the letter...

"If you need Strength practice the below mentioned exercises daily and when you can swing that rusty sword with ease , come to Sword grave in God's land and look for me.

-Sword demon"

He hurriedly looked around to see if there are anyone outside but didn't find anyone.

The young man's name was Amar, currently 15 and half year old. He was the son of Asura, the first human in history to slay a demon general. But before 5 years something happened and his father ran away from the battlefield in a major war between Humans and Demons or that was what was told to him and he never came back . That time Amar was little child but he believed his father was not a coward who would ran away from battelfield

But he didn't have the power to investigate his father's disappearance then. He was treated as a son of traitor for 5 years and was expelled from the family, he worked as a servant and he endured all the pain and sufferings just for the day when was able to enter God's Land.

God's land was like a new world, it was new beginning to people. Without the difference in cast, race or status each and everyone is allowed to enter God's land when he was 16 years old. God's land was originally said to be a tower where one can achieve whatever they wished once they reached the highest floor, each floor of God's land was like a new world and currently humans only managed to enter 4th floor . As everyone enters the God's land they will be granted a system which will authorise and help them in increasing their strength, humans called it'The God's System'.

One can become a swordsman with powerful skills or a magician with incredible power or a craftsmen with different crafting ability.

God's land was a New World for people with new hopes...