1 Where am I?

"Where am I?" Vyrena asked herself.

The girl tried to move her body, but all of her muscles and bones ached. Her throat was as dry as the desert, she needed water. In the near distance, Vyrena could hear the sound of moving water. Gathering all of her strength, she crawled inch by inch towards the water source.

Upon reaching the riverbank, she quenched her thirst greedily. It tasted clear and refreshing, a good sign. She could feel the dirt and grime that covered her entire body. Unable to bear it anymore, Vyrena dunked herself into the water.

The cool refreshing feel of the river water jolted her senses. As she emerged from the water, she could finally open her eyes and take in her surroundings.

-How did I end up here?- she thought to herself.

She tried to remember what she could. Memories flashed through her mind.

- I died -

The realisation shocked her to the core. Her eyes were wide open. Recalling the details made her head spin.

She recalled drinking a substance and laying down in her bed. A familiar hand held onto hers, his words echoed in her mind.

-I'm here for you. I'm here for you.-

But as soon as that memory faded, new memories from the host body bombarded her. When the recollection of memories was complete, a voice popped up in her mind.

<System download complete>

<Memory transcribe complete>

<Host name: Vyrena Seawoods>

<Body and soul compatibility: Synchronised 100%>

She did not know where the voice came from, but she knew her name, her past, she recalled what had happened.

To have witnessed her own death, and the host's death took a toll on Vyrena but she held on. Being strong in such a situation felt right. She looked into the river to see her face, she looked the same as she did in her own memories. That made her smile.

Her wet black hair was long and unruly, just like how she used to have it. Her arms were covered in scars and bruises. Her pupils were dark grey and her skin was fair.

Looking through the memories of the host, Vyrena knew exactly where she was and how she got there. The reason for her slow painful death in the forest made her angry. To calm her emotions, she placed her hand on her heart and let out a breath of air.

"Do not worry, they will get what they deserve. But first, I need to survive."

Vyrena tried to get up on her feet, it was good to know her legs were working. As she patted herself down, her wet clothes clung onto her but she paid them no mind.

-They will dry soon enough-

The trees stood high and tall, while the ground was slightly moist. It was the wee hours of the morning and the rays of sunlight peered through the canopy of the forest. Vyrena's stomach growled as she followed the path along the downstream river. As she looked around for something she could eat, she noticed a small bush growing by the side of a tree.

Vyrena rushed forward and knelt next to the bush and examined the tiny berries growing on it.

-These look like blueberries!-

She plucked a small bundle of them and a familiar voice popped up in her mind.

<Foraged item: Sweet berries>

Without a second thought, Vyrena plucked a few bunches and started eating them. As soon as the juices of the fruit touched her tongue, she squinted her eyes and pursed her lips.

"Sour," she exclaimed.

<Information unlocked: Unripe berries>

In her mind, Vyrena was given a short paragraph of information explaining the berries she had eaten.

-I wonder if they can be sold-

<Value of unripe sweet berries: 1 copper per 10 berries>

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-That's good to know. Thank you, voice in my head.-

<You are most welcome, host.>

-You can call me Vyrena.-

<Noted. Host name changed to Host Vyrena.>

-No,no. Just Vyrena.-

<Host name changed to Just Vyrena.>

"No, I mean just call me Vyrena, no add ons."

<Noted. Host name changed to Vyrena.>

-Thank you.-

Just then, she realised what had just happened. She dropped all of the berries onto the ground.

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