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New World's Online


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New World's Online or NW if the name is abbreviated is an MMORPG game that is popular among teenagers . Although the game has only been launched for four months, the number of players has reached one hundred thousand. Of course this game is free to play and if you want to be a top player the player must sacrifice their time, energy and money . Due to too many players the creators of New worlds Online announced they would create a new server so that all these games can accommodate more new players. In addition he also said that this game has made the new system for player called "work hard and get paid".They have created a special shop where players can sell their rare items and get paid with cash. Misaki who had just been fired finds a dead end in her life.Not only does she not have a job but she also has not paid her rent for two months. The landlord warned her that if she did not pay the rent in the next two weeks, she would be evicted from her home. When she watched news on television the next day, she saw about the announcement of New World Online company .Look like this is the best opportunity to collect money and continue her life.


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