202 CHAPTER 198

I stood alone looking at the windows.

The night is still young at least.

It didn't take much time for everyone to gather.

"Thank you for coming here, everyone!" I said to them while they just stood there.

"It's fine. What is this plan that I hear You want to go back to the past!" Ayumi look suspiciously at me.

"Yes, I have to make sure everything is the way it is now. It will be for the "Greater Good" of course!" I chuckle at that Joke.

"I will go there if there is no problem after Our School Festival. The May Festival is coming soon, right!" Didn't really want to change that.

I also need to finish my quest. If everything goes smoothly, I will be finishing this soon.

Here, Elsie didn't join band. Chihiro are focusing on her life more than music.

I quite like their song though...

Memory of first love...

Remind me of her...

"After the festival? Why wait that long?" Ask Tenri who didn't know when I get back from this point of times.

She know I will go back. Not when I will go back.

"To meet some old man!" It's good time for meeting him actually.

I can of course meet him before. But decide to hold on it untill now.

As right now I truly need some time from work. Having date with them is fine. I love them after all. Just that I also need some time for myself.

I also need to think carefully about what my future should be like.

Before this I always want to have peaceful life with a girlfriend then get married, leading a happily ever after.

Before I come here that is.

Now that I'm here and having this much power. I realized that beside just doing what I want, I truly am didn't know what to do.

I did created an organization. I also starting protecting human or anyone getting caught in supernatural business. But all of that is my selfishness for wanting to be in control.

"Are you alright?" Tenri ask suddenly making me realize that everyone is still here.

I just nod a bit.

"Yeah, Just remembered something important!" After that I leave all of them.

Tenri POV.

I watch as Keima left us.

"He definitely hide something?" Ayumi say this while looking curiously where Keima stood before he teleport.

"I think if Keima want us to know, we will know!" I can only nod at Komachi's word.

But I can't help to be worried about him.

Not long after that everyone began to leave the room.

I was just sitting where he usually sit.

Wondering to myself how amazing this is.

Yes... everything is as what is supposed to be...

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