1 The Black Barbie

It was a normal day of school.....ho! wait you don't know who I am right? well my name is Zendaya and no not the famous one. So as I was saying it was a normal day until the principal came in my class yelling-"the new student is here!!! stand up everybody !!!-" so we all did as he said and then the new girl came in she was looking pretty cool ,but the thing that got me the most was her ass (I am not dirty minded) but her ass was big asf(as f***) if you didn't understand it already her was Nicky ,Nicky minaj . As soon as she came in she started to look at everybody like she wanted to kill them and then she came up to my best friend Cardi b and told her to move ,I was looking at the scene while Cardi started to yell -"you stupid bitch you think you own me?,nooooooo bitch you don't so I am not moving my ass from this chair got it??!-" then the queen bee of the class stood up and said -"excuse me Cardi but that's not how you should treat my best friend.OK so if she say that you have to move you move!!!-" then we all got shut by our teacher (Ed sheeran) .As we continued the lesson the hottest guy in the school came in saying.....-"I would like to talk whit ...

Sorry if it was too short ,I hope you are interested in the story ,😘😐

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