New Life Of A King (DROPPED)
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New Life Of A King (DROPPED)


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What is New Life Of A King (DROPPED)

New Life Of A King (DROPPED) is a popular web novel written by the author Jeii, covering ACTION, ADVENTURE, REINCARNATION, OPMC, , Fantasy genres. It's viewed by 43.9K readers . The novel is being serialized to 33 chapters, new chapters will be published in Webnovel with all rights reserved.


In a land so dark, one rises from the shadows of discrimination. Henry rises to the top as the King, not for wealth nor glory, but for revenge. After an unknown group assassinates his father and his mother leaving him to the orphanage, he takes things to his own hands, his revenge. Working hard day and night but at the end he had no reason to stay a King anymore because by the time he killed the assassins he had nothing else to work hard for, so at the end he retired. Mysteriously died after retiring he gets reincarnated of a 2nd chance of life. This time fixing his mistakes, will he be able to protect the ones he loves the most? Or suffer from a fate so cruel? WARNING: I'm only writing this for a hobby! Feel free to post constructive criticisms so I can improve. This novel is Heavily inspired by TBATE, so if you are a fan of TBATE please just stick around because I will be adding my twist to the novel :) There will be strong language being used in the novel so please be ready for anything. DISCLAIMER- I do not own the picture of this novel! All the credits go to its original owner! ALSO, the beginning of the novel will be "rushed" a bit since I want to get to the more important and interesting parts, so I will be skipping 1-2 years here and there some times in the beginning!


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I like how this story is being portrayed, the main things conveyed by the author is the same as TBATE however I'm looking forward to this as he has past k knowledge on how to wield the sword and use it to the best of his capabilities and not Swing like an idiot. Over 5/5, great start and keep writing akh.


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