New life at Camp HalfBlood Book

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New life at Camp HalfBlood


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Just an ordinary day to go to work when an accident happens on the road, catching the driver and the main character of this story and ending his life early. Or so he thought Thrust back into 2006 our hero awakens atop a hill with a new life filled with danger, adventure, training and maybe ‘whisper’ a little love in the mix ‘whisper’. In his new body our MC finds himself being approached by a half man half horse “hmm your definitely not a normal satyr”. Join us as we follow his new life in a new world that he is ever so familiar with but not at the same time. Author Note: Hey guys this is my first attempt at writing chapters may come out a bit slow as I work overnight and into the day I’ll try make sure that chapters are long and I’m getting them out and not leaving you guys without anything to read. I’ll also be asking for your advice through our journey so please take care of me :)


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