New Life : A Second Chance
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New Life : A Second Chance


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What is New Life : A Second Chance

Read New Life : A Second Chance novel written by the author PsyberRose on Webnovel, This serial novel genre is Magical Realism stories, covering reincarnation, hiddengem, r18, opmc, sliceoflife. ✓ Newest updated ✓ All rights reserved


This is a rebirth story of a normal girl, Kylie. She was a normal girl, living a normal life. Married and had kids. Nothing outstanding about her, but nothing terrible either. Then she was attacked and left to die. Her soul screamed in pain at having to leave behind two small children that needed her, yet she couldn't do anything. As she entered eternal darkness ... it took her some time to realise that she was not dead. She was alive, only yet to be born. And she was a boy. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The AWESOME Cover Design is by Chryiss She's also an Author here in Webnovel so check out her stories: [RE: Life as a Tree] and [My World To Live] ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Summary: - MC is OP - Sincere Brotherhood - True sibling bonding (no incest) - Humour (I try) - Action - Slow Romance - Revenge/Face slapping - Sensitive issues (LGBT, r*pe - but not that the MC is a r*pist) ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- FAQ: Q: Will MC end up with a girl, or a boy? A: That would be a spoiler; but if you REALLY have to know, it's answered Auxillary Chapter, the FAQ (Spoilers). Discord: : https://discord.gg/ZWnDEcG ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hi. Thanks for dropping by. Please bear in mind that I am a new author, and English is not my first language. I am writing because I find it enjoyable, and am only now finding the courage to actually pen it out for others to read. This is a reincarnation story of a girl who had lived one life, and will experience another. Follow her along her journey of discovery: of herself, as she walks an entirely new path. Yet, at the same time, she seeks to find closure from her old life. World background: Current Earth, with names of countries being just Country J, Country SA etc. First, the MC is the typical OP character. Second, it's a slice of life story mixed with OPness of MC. If you don't like Gary Sue / OP characters, with a slow story pace, then this is not for you. There are elements of adventure/action, romance, some comedy and a little bit of mystery. It is also a story about friendship and the bonds we make as we grow up. The rating is due to certain scenes and sensitive issues from Volume 3 onwards. Please review. Your feedback is appreciated. If you want to show support for this poor Author: https://ko-fi.com/psyberrose ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Other Books: 1. Courage to Love (ongoing)

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Author shamelessly promoting and reviewing own novel, giving myself 5*. It constitutes a promise to myself, and readers, that I will update regularly, and not drop the novel. Characters will grow and world isn't that unique as is based on current Earth. To some extent. Names have been changed, of course to give that ethereal feel. 😅 There will be elements of romance (a huge part), revenge (another aspect) but mostly, it will deal with the MC growing up and life experiences. Other characters will also have their "life", so it isn't just about the MC's life and relationships. Updates: 2 chapters a day : 6am and 6pm (GMT +8). Anyway, drop by and read, vote, review and rate. Thank you.


(I will start with the positive critics before the negative ones. 😉) No lie, at the beginning of this novel I was like "this is gonna be a drag 😫" but I'm glad I didn't drop it. It didn't take me long to be hooked. Reading this novel has made me realise that I have overrated *a lot* of novels. I am amazed how the writer mixed many controversial ideas into this...and make it a bomb without making everything jumbled up or confusing. Like how? I couldn't drop my phone after I began reading this novel. I would not be surprised if he was a professional writer. Psychological comedy drama romance revenge rebirth action undercover mystery .... The theme list goes on and on. The diversity not only lied in the themes but also the culture, depicted in the plot and setting...it has been well joined no gaps at all. Most novels on this platform are kind of predictable when it came to the romance, but here, all my guesses kept on being shut down and unlike the others, the romance is so sweet sexy and pure at the same time. I have been amazed There is no overlap in the characters which is quite common, since it is difficult to create and present completely different personas when writing. It's easy to mix them up or end up loosing the depth of the character. But surprisingly the writer pulled it off! The novel is no lie a great one it has potential to be best selling, as in yes it can enter the market...and I would buy it! It has potential to even be produced into series or anime without doubt. But there is room for improvement. For example, the "warnings" about the content having possible violence or sexual content destroys the flow of the novel. Like am enjoying the book, am so into it and then boom these sentences that are not even part of the story jump out of my face like what on earth? I suggest they use icons on the chapters themselves to warn readers and possible mature content so we don't have to waste..er I mean delay our interaction with the characters. Like I came across a whole paragraph *during* the *climax* of the story warning me about possible mature content! 😠 like did you have to use half of my screen with something you can use a symbol for? And please make Kyle bisexual 🙈 Hehehe


This is a story I HAD to review. It was like part of me (a very big part) decided it was happening and when the lazy me started considering just putting it off until I eventually forgetting to write one (happens a lot) the first part pulled a figurative gun out and held the lazy part of my at figurative gunpoint to actually write a proper review. So let me first mention how I binge read this novel hard. I literally put all other novels on hold for 2 days and even had to force myself just go get my daily free SS from webnovel check in etc. The author does an amazing job describing scenes and stories. This honestly felt like I was drawn into on of my favourite tv shows or anime with how I just imagined everything in my head more than I felt I was actually reading, everything flows so well together it's as smooth as a dream would be. The storyline is so well thought out, the world building is thorough but not too much and the author doesn't dump info on you, it's like every couple chapters there's a line or a few where it feels like setting the scene for just that part of the story but each time it's like a puzzle piece building up the world gradually until you suddenly realise how much worldbuilding has been going on without you thinking about it. It sounds like there's a lot of world guiding going on but actually there's not much. Enough to tell you what you need and want to know, nothing more or less. Exactly what you need without giving you too much to think about or not enough to understand the world. Character development is so incredibly realistic and full of just pure raw emotions and some illogical moments that just make sense when thinking from the heart while others fit perfectly when thinking logically. The author just knows exactly how to mix the two perfectly and blend them together. At time focusing on one, then the other and sometimes switching between them quickly in relatable and amazingly way where it just flows and fits and makes so much sense for it to do so while drawing you into the story and the feelings and perspectives of the characters. I have almost 0 issues with the writing quality. I think maybe a rare mistake here or there but I was too drawn into the story and focused my mind just corrected anything wrong subconsciously so I could keep reading without pause just to keep enjoying the amazing read that this novel provides. When it comes so some worries some people (probably heterosexual guys like me) about possible male on male action then I can say as long as you aren't homophobic then you have nothing to worry about. It's not off putting in the least and worse case the author puts ample warning that allows you to skip anything you might be sensitive on. A couple things to say to the author! Firstly the parts of some "Creators thoughts" at the end of a few chapters where you apologised for possible filler. I CAN'T SEE ANY FILLER! To me a filler is anything that does not progress the story and just increases word count. This novel however is done so beautifully where everything has a purpose. Either giving information or an opinion/perspective a character that heels progress the plot or explains emotions and why characters act the way they do, it's done perfectly and to even consider these chapters being given that label of "Filler" is not giving the novel (and especially the author) nearly enough credit. Something an author once told me when I asked for writing tips was to reduce wasted words. If it doesn't need to be there and doesn't progress the story then delete it. I have yet to find a single wasted word in this novel and I doubt I ever will see a wasted word from this author as long as they continue to have the same passion for writing as they have now. Lastly I would like to say that this has got be one of my favourite novels yet and I cant wait for more chapters. Even if you aren't sure I ask you just sit down and read this novel for an hour. You won't regret it.


How do I say it The heroine is now in a male body The hero will fall in love with a girl or a boy I need to know this before I start reading


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I just absolutely love this story! Even more the characters in it. Who I think are the most bad-ass people ever. They are great inspirations. The story itself makes me feel all kinds of emotions whenever I read it (in a good way)! This novel is a great read for those who are into reincarnation novels (because I know I am!) And gender-bend part makes the story a thousand more times interesting! ≧(´▽`)≦ Once this novel gets you trapped in it, you'll be in full bless. °˖✧◝(⁰▿⁰)◜✧˖° If you don't read this then you're just missing out! BIG TIME! (*≧▽≦)


i'm gonna be honest. this is an edgy reincarnation into an Ouran Host club type high school setting. So if you like the types of novels where the mc somehow becomes a genius after reincarnating and has random OP abilities no child should have... this is the story for you *also, i just want to note that so far the female to male aspect doesn't really play much of a role...


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I''m already on Ch 124, and I can confidently say that this novel is very much worth one's time. Reincarnation-themed novels might be typical here in webnovel but the author adds his/her own twists which made the novel unique. I easily get bored so it's common for me to suddenly drop a novel anytime but for this one, each chapter is interesting and made me always anticipate for what's to come next. As for the other relevant characters, they are all likeable and are given "life" (in a sense that they didn't seem like canon-fodders or just 2d characters). The MC's relationship/interaction/dynamics with his friends is really cute and interesting haha👍 It is also updated regularly and props to the author for being so nice and inclusive to his/her readers! Much love💜 P.S. sorry dear author for I still don't know if you're a he or a she😂


I am not a big fan of re-incarnation novels. But this one was unskippable. Especially the first couple of chapters where you have described the experience in womb. It was extremely realistic and thought provoking. The description of main lead of the story K**** (don't want to give away spoilers) is pretty impressive. The author has done indeed a great job in setting up the right pace. I started with it and just couldn't stop and I am already in my 40s chapter range. Writing skills is pretty good in this book and as for funny and cute moments, you would find no dearth. The flow of the book is just great and trust me it's not like typical re-incarnation stories with usual forgetting and remembering and all that. It has an extremely human touch to it. Must read 👍👍👍 keep up the good work author 💕💕💕


Great read for those who love reincarnation novels of the type that leans more towards slice of life, with bits of romance and action. Interesting plotline with characters that experience character growth. Personally adore the main character, Kyle/Kylie. She/he starts out mediocre and works on their skills as time passes. The process was enjoyable and fun to read. All in all, an extremely enjoyable read. Give it a try. You won't regret it 😁


Love this epilogue💕Can't believe the novels gojng to end😭this is one of the best books ive ever read.. thank you author for bringing Kylie/Kyle to life😭😊💖


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Ahhh... seriously I am apalled at the fact that this hidden piece of gem has been evading my awareness for more than a year! I'm currently at chapter 74 and so far it has been an amazing story! I'm looking forward to seeing how it turns out later


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.... . .-.. .-.. --- / -- -.-- / -. .- -- . / .. ... / ... --- ..- .-.. ... / .. .----. -- / .--- ..- ... - / .- / ... .. -- .--. .-.. . / -.-. ..- - . / -.-. .- - / - .... .- - / . ...- . .-. -.-- --- -. . / .-.. --- ...- . ... .-.-.- / - .... .. ... / -... --- --- -.- / .... .- ... / -- .- -.. . / -- -.-- / .-.. .. ..-. . / .- / .-.. .. ...- .. -. --. / .... . .-.. .-.. .-.-.- / . ...- . .-. -.-- / -.. .- -.-- / -. --- .-- / .. .----. -- / .--- ..- ... - / - .-. -.-- .. -. --. / - --- / --. . - / -.-. --- .. -. ... / - --- / .-. . .- -.. / -- --- .-. . / ... --- --..-- / -.. --- -. .----. - / .-. . .- -.. / .. - .-.-.- (つ≧▽≦)つ


***WARNING*** THIS BOOK IS HAZARDOUS TO IT'S READERS HEALTH!!! YOU ALWAYS WANT MOOOOOOOORE!!!!!! To all curious readers out there, this book will teach you what self-control is. It's hard!! Resisting the daily updates, so I can binge everything on the weekend! The story, the characters, the premise, everything is really good! It's rare to find a book with such a wonderful premise and an equally gifted author to write it, someone who brings life to the story. Also the authors dedication in really researching real life concepts, gives the story a beautiful pinch of merging fiction and reality. The characters might be fictional but I love how the values, principles, emotions of happiness, joy, despair and pain are real. At some point in our life we have all felt like this or will feel it in the future.Hence I felt that there was no sugar coating and I love it!! This book is an amazing gift, however the best gift is the authors pencraft and I am ready to spend all the coins to be able to continue reading her stories. Can't wait for the other books she will grace us!!! Psy, GAMBATE!!!!!


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