'Where am I.'

It feels like I am floating. I open my eyes and look around and first thing I notice was that I am surrounded by darkness, not the harsh and cold darkness but one that was soothing and was kind of "glowing?". I then noticed a lot of dialog boxes floating around but can't read what is written in them for some reason.


'What the..??'


'Game master; seriously…'

As I was thinking about it I started to remember my past.

I died…

I didn't die trying to save someone or getting hit by truck Kun. I died due to CHF (heart failure) resulted from old age. I died in my sleep. I was born as the son of an army officer at the time of peace in India which lasted till my death (there were no wars or revolutions just some skirmishes, acts of terrorism and crime which never involved me or anyone related). I had a pretty normal life. I liked to read (about guns and wars) and watch anime from the time I should be in the kindergarten (mostly because I lived in militarized areas around the country and there wasn't any kids of my age around in the neighborhood and only thing I could do was watch TV where the only available kids channel was anime only one or read while I was not homeschooled by my mom). Even after entering school it didn't change cause I couldn't make any permanent friends cause my dad got transferred every two years while our family moved along with him. As a result I got great results in school and university and got a medical post graduation by the time I am 27 and started serving as a doctor in the army. It wasn't anything special (as doctors are never actually assigned to conflict regions even during wars and our times were peaceful) but wasn't bad either. The only way my life was different from others would be that my parents (my mom) actually enjoyed watching anime (they used to watch with me when I was young and figured that it wasn't only for kids) and dad (as well as me) where gun enthusiasts (I forbid the word "maniacs"). So I had a happy childhood though devoid of actual friends. I was happily married to my wife at 28 years (parents introduced me to her cause I sucked at relationships). We had our baby girl few years after (happiest moment of my life) and things were normal as normal can be (other than the fact that I had a lot of guns legally and illegally and that I enjoyed manga, anime and light novels till the end of my life). Our baby girl married a bastard (though I wouldn't admit it, he was a nice guy and loved our daughter but still he took her from me) when I was 54 years. We had twins as our grand kids two years later and I retired few years after that. Then when I was 65 my wife passed away. I was pretty depressed for a few months but as I thought that she would knock my head with her ladle (it's kind of creepy how she always gets it in her hand when she's pissed) if I kept moping and so I moved on. Six years after that I died one night peacefully without any revenges or great deeds. But I always felt boredom and a feeling of emptyness.

As I thought of my past I felt a bit depressed but quickly pulled myself together

'She wouldn't want that'

"Thinking about the past??" asked an amused voice from the side.

'Waaa…' I felt my mouth hit the floor.

Standing (I don't know what else to call it he was staying stationary at the particular place in the black space) there was a familiar looking man who looked to be in his prime wearing casual clothes with a brown jacket. He had brown hair that sometimes looked purple (don't ask me how I don't know) and brown eyes. The reason I was surprised was because there was something written above his head in bright gold letters.




"Well I think you already know about me. And once again welcome to the system" he said with a smile.

'What? How? What do you mean system' {Protag-kun}

"Let me explain about it then. System is the group or organization of everyone having the ability [The gamer]; regardless of their species, race or affiliations. It is an organization that transcends time space and reality. I am the first gamer as well as the leader of the system. And yes you are dead and are in your soul form. The reason you are here is because you have the ability gamer." {Jeehan}

'Wait a minute I have the ability gamer?? How come I never knew about it??' {Protag-kun}

"Your ability never manifested. Mainly because there wasn't any supernatural stuff in your reality. The fact that you were never exposed to danger is also another reason." {Jeehan}

'So my ability remained dormant because I never had to go through life or death situations.' {Protag-kun}

"Well it would have been worse if you somehow gained the ability because it may have used your lifespan instead and you would be dead within days and there is a skill common to all gamers called [loop load] which only activates if the gamer dies. The skill will send your memories to a point in random past after gamer ability is manifested. Due to this you would have been forced to live the entire period of life again and again and again. This is a glitch in the ability which no one was able to solve till now." {Jeehan}

'*gulp* Glad I didn't manifest it but what now?' {Protag-kun}

"Well you could abandon your ability and move on live all normal people or you could keep your ability and join system. We at system have our own rules and routes of reincarnation governed by a higher gamer interface. If you choose the second option system would further give you two new choices" {Jeehan}

'Which are those rules and what are the options. Are there any chances of meeting my wife if I choose the first option? ' {Protag-kun}

"That rules are given in the terms and conditions dialogue box. There are infinite number or realities with near infinite number of multiverses in each of them with each multiverses having near infinite amount of universes and each universe has innumerable sentient living things at a particular point of time which in itself is near endless. So even if you choose first choice there is no real chances of you meeting her. Even if you meet her by taking first choice neither would you remember her nor would you have any feelings for her as soul is completely cleansed first before leaving here to remove the gamer ability and then before you reincarnate." {Jeehan}

'*sigh* then I would choose to join The System' {Protag-kun} `I feel joining system has a higher chances of meeting her`

"Well so the next to options are whether you want to reincarnate or transfer worlds. As you have not manifested [THE GAMER] ability till now I suggest you choose reincarnation as it as extra starting benefits. I'll let you choose the reality you want to go as well" {Jeehan}

'I'll reincarnate then'. {Protag-kun}


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