New Debauchery life with system [+18] Book

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New Debauchery life with system [+18]


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Dying in a sad way as the boy dies from being struck by lightning. Gets to reincarnate into a new world with a system. But theres a twist this system is quite something and quite the scandalous one that will change his whole life. . . . [Lusful System]: [Intergrating.....Ding!....] [Ding!] "Really!? I have a lust system!?" [Host will have to earn points to unlock options and things from the system shop if completing quests as many of them have punishments of loosing your penis] "Holy mother of fucking god I will loose my fucking dick if I don't complete these quests?!" [Ding!] . . . Cover not mines!.......this fanfic is something and since a friend of mines saw me write once on a different fanfic. Which I explained to him it was for fun. As he said "why not write a hentai one and I give you ideas". Quite the surprising mention from my friend so I do in honors for him haha.


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