New beginnings: Conquering Empires Book

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New beginnings: Conquering Empires


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James was an average person with a lot of problems from his youth and when life started looking up for him everything collapsed when he discovered he had cancer. When the died and his soul was about to fade into nothingness in the afterlife he got transmigrated to another world- Anno, which had a civilization similar to earth's Pre-eighteenth century civilizations and had a staggering resemblance to Earth. Although the world disappointedly lacked cultivation, magic and magical beasts that James had grown up reading about in the novels there were large mighty empires and greater things to experience on the long run. There with the knowledge of the modern world follow James (now Levi) as he conquers this world with his wit, some cannons and steam-powered contraptions to become the leader of a new empire. .................... this book might take a while.... heheヾ(¯∇ ̄๑)


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