2 The Precious One

After what felt like two hours of investigating the frontage road of their house from the window of her room, she, at last, saw some movements. She let the curtains of her window down in case someone might see her.

She noticed two masked men, one of them was tall and muscular, while the other was tall but eerily thin. It seemed as if the wind could carry the man forward if it was a little stronger.

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After a while, a car came down the road, and three armed guys stepped out, along with a small looking guy with a laptop and glasses on, which made Breta realize that they were ready to hack the system or do something unlawful and that this guy was the team's genius, true or not. Yes, the small guy with spectacles opened his laptop and pressed random buttons, causing the entire area's electricity to go out, confirming Breta's suspicions.

Screams could be heard before Breta could think of what to do, alert her family, or just do something. Then the before-called sneaky people weren't being sneaky at all. They began racing towards the doors of the residences, armed as they were. The Best family's home was no exception.

Breta had awoken her parents earlier, but she was unable to do anything else due to a lack of time, truly saying for having nothing useful to do when a gang of armed men stands in front of your house, and being a normal figured 1.63cm tall girl weighing 121 pounds with literally nothing that could come in handy and no experience in hand to hand combat or anything to do with fighting. Though she used to think she could punch someone if needed, that was before seeing the beefy terrifying guy.

She also believed she could kill someone if she had to, and that she could remain calm in the presence of a dead body, despite the fact that she nearly died once when she tripped over a lizard and it was obvious that the lizard was dead due to the weight of her left foot, which caused Breta to almost choke on air.

She had always struggled with her emotions, as she noticed that she hadn't yet started running, screaming, and calling each other's names, as her mother, father, and brother had done even though they weren't the only ones in the house; two muscular men stood in the doorway beside the broken door that lay defeated on the floor.

Breta was in her room staffing a little pocket knife inside her bra that she bought last week, thinking nothing in particular, but her parents were downstairs along with her brother, Rafe. She was well aware that she needed to be downstairs, but she decided to take the chance nonetheless. After that, she could see that the door flew open and a huge man looking like a living truck with a rifle was standing there.

But the man who walked into the room wasn't him; it was a strange-looking man with a nasty eye patch on his left eye, a too-clean black suit with a striped blue and green tie, and his hands in his pockets; he was staring at her as if attempting to murder her with his glare.

And then there was dead silence. No one bothered to break the silence, which didn't bother Breta at all; in fact, she felt relieved, as she often did when no one spoke to her. However, the relief was only short since by then she had observed the eyes, sorry eye, shooting arrows at her with a strange smile on his lips.

It seemed as though the scary man had known her for years and had finally tracked her down. After 2 minutes of stillness, the second man, who resembled a large truck, began to speak. He had a terrible voice, too harsh and grating for Breta's ears to handle.

He said, "Is this the girl, Master?" The scary man, who had only been addressed as master by the other, didn't bother to glance at him while answering; instead, he was still staring at her if that stare is considered to be looking. With another creepy smile he finally said, "If I'm right, she is the precious little human girl."

He added, "Precious, but unfortunately not too precious that we are not about to take you, darling, if you don't want to." as Breta made a run for the staircase even though she knew nothing was going to happen as she wants now. Something was wrong, so horribly wrong.

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