Never Normal
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Never Normal


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What is Never Normal

Never Normal is a popular web novel written by the author Proteety_Promi, covering ROMANCE, ADVENTURE, FANTASY, REALISTIC, FEMALELEAD, SMART, STRONGWOMAN, SUPERNATURAL, ACTION, SUPERPOWERS, Fantasy Romance genres. It's viewed by 29K readers with an average rating of 4.76/5 and 119 reviews. The novel is being serialized to 30 chapters, new chapters will be published in Webnovel with all rights reserved.


Being normal, huh, she is never normal. Maybe that's what makes her special, unique, worthy of everything. I wonder if she knows what exactly she is, what her voice can create, and what shadow her appearance brings.

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Hey readers, Hope you like my story. It's a fantasy female lead novel. It begins with the girl's family and her being captured. She then found herself having two best friends who meant the world to her and they faced a lot of problems together and stood up for each other. In the end, when it was time to choose love or friendship or power, what would she choose? There are a lot of interesting plots in the novel. If you like my novel, please review it and support my novel. And also vote it to encourage me, you know there are a lot of times just because of lack of encouragement, most novels are not finished. So please support me.


Hey Readers, All I want to request is that if you read my story, please give an honest review and if you like it please add it to your library and vote for it to support me!


A great novel with an intriguing and unique plot! It even has lots of plot twists! I like the way Breta is and the way she thinks. She is relatable and funny too. So good! Keep up the good work!


A great story with a uniqu plot! You can get a glimpse of Breta's character in each chapter which makes the story captivating! Good work, author!


This book has a very interesting plot. Mysterious, thrilling, suspenseful... It's giving me "Umberella Academy vibes. Love it! Well done Author.💕


The novel is very interesting and I didn't get bored after the first chapter, the character Breta is very funny...well at least she is to me, her character is so not normal 😁 I mean she's kinda strange and humorous. The novel keeps on getting fascinating especially the scene where she's wiped out of the memory of her family members...😬 that part put me on the edge...total page turner,keep up the good work.


Author, this work deserves praise! The narration was cut above the rest and I can see its potential. The only thing I can advise was to shorten the paragraphs to make them lighter to read and my eyes can breathe for a sec. All in all, an interesting story that made me on edge on my seat. Kudos!


First of all, the writing quality is really mature and it's descriptive as well. I don't mind a chapter a week so the stability of updates is fine according to me. The story has potential. If you start reading, you can tell that it's developing pretty well. The main character is the best thing in the story. I fell in love with Breta from the beginning. She is a powerful female lead. The background is described well too. So I guess this one deserves five stars overall. And also I can't stop reading the story.


It's a great story and the synopsis and the title are also really catchy. You feel like you can think what the mc is thinking when you read the story. GOod job, Author!


Love the story. Unique and well crafted out. I love the female lead. She’s strong and relatable. Love the pace of the story too and what the author gives as information. I love it. Keep it up.👍👍


This story is a unique catch! I was going to read 5 chapters but I found myself continuously reading it. The story is intriguing as well that's why I can't stop myself from reading it. P.S. The chapters are short and I wish it is a little bit longer. The writing quality is superb.


Your story is good and very neatly, the title is also unique and character name Bretha i really like it Author. ☺ Highly recommended and i have been collected


This novel has a interesting plot. I like it after reading the first chapter. Can't wait for the next chapter. Keep up the good work. Cheers.


Wonderful story! Love the main character's personality. The language used is clear and concise. The development of the plot is also pretty good.


This story is captivating with its realistic and mysterious atmosphere. There isn't boring info dump that breaks the continuity of the story. The story has a nice pacing and flow to it. The suspense sure kept me on my toes. And the characters. They are round, dynamic, and believable! They feel realistic to me. Bravo!


What a story! With all the twists and turns that keep you guessing and asking for more. Undoubtedly, you will want more. So read and enjoy. I know I did. Well done Proteety Promi.


This has a very unique storyline and it's very interesting. Story has enough amount of suspense and thrill in it to keep you hooked for long time. And I loved the character of Breta, she is a very well written. Apart from suspense and thrill and story, author had also done a great job at maintaining the humor. And in short I really enjoyed reading it!


This novel really had great potential. I am also an author and this is a bit familiar with the story I recently worked on but this story had more conflict and intensity. Which is very good and interesting. I can easily imagine the conflict through the writing which is very helpful for me who is a fast reader. Keep up the good work!


The story is really captivating. I am in love with the main character. She is really amazing, funny, sassy, realistic, and strong at the same time. Hope to see more of her being a powerful female!


From what I read so far, it seems to be a really solid story. Description is excellent. I use a little more in certain ways, but I won't hold that against you since everyone's style is different. The character design is solid as well. The background is good and the lore is solid. I like how you describe combat sequences. You do a much better job than most writers. I wish I saw more people do it the way you do. The story stays interesting as well. I read the first 15 chapters, so I still have a bit of work to do.


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