62 Chapter 62

After the press conference Cedric drove Adrianna home in their "new" car. When they got home Gracia was ecstatic talking about how Adrianna stole the press conference and how all of her friends were now sucking up to her.

"Mom, it's been a long day, and I'm quite tired. Cedric and I will go rest first. Alright?" Adrianna said with a smile as she led Cedric up to their room.

Right after Cedric closed the door behind him Adrianna hugged him tightly.

"Are you alright?" Cedric asked.

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"Yes, I just want to be like this for a while." Adrianna buried her head in Cedric's chest.

"Adri, I am so proud of you. I've always known that you were capable of so much greatness." Cedric kissed Adrianna's forehead and smiled.

Suddenly Adrianna's phone kept ringing. It was Ayanna Reyes, she never saved Ayanna's phone number so she was wondering how the name reflected.

"Ayanna?" Adrianna asked tentatively.

"Adrianna! Congratulations. Are you happy about the girl's appearance today?" Ayanna giggled on the other end.

"It seems you have a well wisher. I'll take a bath first." Cedric said, leaving his wife victim to his sister's call.

"Yes. I was surprised. Ayanna how -" Adrianna was about to ask a question when she was cut off by an excited Ayanna.

"I didn't want to announce it, but Elisia Malls will be working with Island's Inc. as well, as long as you are VP for Marketing and Sales and they don't do anything to harm you." Ayanna proudly announced.

"Thank you Ayanna, but do you have the power to decide that?" Adrianna asked.

"Hey, I'm not just some spoiled child you know! I actually own 25% of Elisia Corp. and that's 15% more than my older brother!" Ayanna said in her own defense.

"I didn't mean you were a spoiled child Ayanna." Adrianna laughed nervously.

"I know. But I can only be like this around people like you. People I really consider to be my friends. Around most people I have to be this strong and independent business woman, sometimes I just want to be a 25 year old girl." Ayanna explained.

"I guess, it comes with the pressure of your last name. I'm sure it wasn't easy to make friends." Adrianna understood that there were certain expectations of people like Ayanna and her friends.

"Yeah. It doesn't help that my brother keeps my sister-in-law away." Ayanna complained to the very sister-in-law she was talking about.

"He's married?" Adrianna asked, purely out of curiosity.

"Well it's complicated, but yes. The public just can't know yet." Ayanna was shaking her head on the other end of the line. She didn't understand why her brother refused to tell Adrianna who he was.

"I'm lucky I married a simple man." Adrianna giggled.

"I doubt your husband is a simple man, he managed to get you." Ayanna teased. "Congratulations again Adrianna. I have to go now, I still have class. Bye."

After the call Adrianna just stared at her phone, she was still wondering how Ayanna Reyes' number managed to get saved in her phone.

When they were about to sleep Adrianna placed her head on Cedric's strong chest.

"Something's on your mind?" Cedric asked Adrianna.

Adrianna took a deep breath and sighed.

"I'm just glad that it's you that I love." Adrianna said.

"Where is this coming from?" Cedric was confused.

"Well, I was speaking to Ayanna and she told me that her older brother is actually married and he can't even announce it. Even if we didn't have a Church wedding and just said our vows before a judge at least we never had to hide that we were married. It just wasn't announced." Adrianna explained.

"I'm sure he is happily married." Cedric was telling the truth.

"I doubt. Didn't you hear the latest rumors? According to them he has such an appetite for women that he always has a new one by his side. Whether or not those are true, could you imagine how his wife must feel right now. All of those rumors and all of those women chasing after her husband." Adrianna frowned at the thought.

"He's a loyal guy." Cedric explained.

"Cedric I never want to be the wife of some rich or popular guy who people keep talking about. I like things like they are now. I'm happy that you are just a simple guy and even if my family is extremely complicated I don't need to worry about rumors like that, or about girls trying to seduce you at work. I don't want a husband like that. I'm happy with the man I've loved for the past eight years." Adrianna said hugging Cedric tightly.

"Adri, honey, I will always be me. No matter what." Cedric knew he couldn't promise her that he wouldn't be the man she had just described, the man she didn't want was the reality they would have to face someday. And the longer she didn't know who he was, the better it was.

"Cedric, I hate your boss. He makes you work so much. We both wanted to try for a child this year, but look at us we are so busy with work!" Adrianna complained.

"Adri, this promotion was good for us." Cedric said with a smile.

"Well I really don't like that boss of yours. He's so cold and arrogant. Even when talking to Ian he was so cold. And he dresses so extravagantly! Such a waste! Even the house he is building is such a waste! It's too big! And I'm sure he's paying Veronica a fortune to design it." Arianna continued to rant.

Cedric wanted to laugh, he was cold when they met because he was nervous and there were members of the press around. He dressed extravagantly because Ayanna and his mother had bought all those clothes for him. And he was sure that Adrianna loved the design Veronica had come up with, because he saw the look in her eyes.

"He's not as bad as you think." Cedric said in a pathetic attempt to defend himself.

"I'm just happy that you are you." Adrianna said kissing him on the lips.

"What if I weren't me? What if I told you that I am secretly the Reyes heir?" Cedric asked.

"That's impossible." Adrianna laughed at Cedric's idea.

"Honey, think about it. We have the same last name. He appeared when I got promoted. I also suddenly got all that money from my parents. We have never been seen together. We also have the same build and hair color." Cedric was half hoping his wife wouldn't believe him.

"You're being stupid." Adrianna who just a moment ago was being sweet turned her back on her husband. "I've met the Reyes Heir in person before Cedric. Stop trying to make jokes."

"Why? How are we different?" Cedric asked out of curiosity.

"You are kind and sweet and caring, he is cold and quiet, and he had this extremely scary aura wherever he went. Also his voice is different and he carries himself differently. Remember when he helped me at Nationalia? I would have known if you were him." Adrianna explained. "Why am I even answering your stupid question. You are you. You are my Cedric. I am happy with you and not him. My family will not think better of you if you were him. You don't need to impress them, you just need to know that I love you and not even my family can separate us."

"Alright. I'll drop it." Cedric gave in and just slept beside his wife.

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