50 Chapter 50

"What are you doing?" Alexander Sebastian asked in a cold voice.

"We're here to see Mr. Reyes. This man insulted us!" Asia accused.

"Do you have an appointment with Mr. Reyes?" Katerina asked. Katerina had just come from a court hearing and was wearing a white business suit and four inch heels. She walked a little bit closer to Asia and with every step the sound of her heels echoed in the lobby.

"N-n-no. But I'm sure he will come and see us! He likes my cousin and we are the way for him to get there. All my cousin needs to do is leave this worthless loser. It won't be a problem, he can't even afford a lawyer and we have the best. Adrianna will be the Reyes heir's I guarantee it!" Asia said, still quite proudly.

"What's your name girl?" Katerina asked, crossing her arms.

"Asia Hernandez." Asia replied.

"Ma'am, she's the cousin of Miss Adrianna Hernandez, the woman that Mr. Reyes likes. And this scum is Adrianna's good for nothing husband. He refuses to leave her for Mr. Reyes." Chris said in an attempt to explain to Katerina who Asia was and why she had a right to talk down at Cedric.

"Miss, this worthless scum of a person isn't worth your time." Asia said, still referring to Cedric. "He is just Mr. Reyes' assistant, and he just got promoted recently, so he is of no consequence, his wife makes more money than him and he just depends on her."

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Katerina looked at Asia from head to toe, she was wearing a white top and a pink pencil skirt and platform heels, she was dripping with jewelry, just like any social climber, it disgusted Katerina. More than anything what Katerina hated was Asia's gall to talk down at Cedric. She had also heard about what happened at Nationalia the other day, not only did the Hernandez's attempt to peddle an unsuspecting married woman like a whore, they even hurt her in front of everyone, were these people even family?

"Little girl, my name is Katerina Sebastian. My father is the President, and my older brother is a congressman. I'm just a lowly lawyer compared to them." Katerina was no low ranking lawyer as she made it appear, graduated from Harvard Law, topped the bar exam in five states before finally returning home and topping the bar at home as well. She had hundreds of international clients and had never lost a case. She was arguably the best lawyer around.

"Miss Katerina, has my daughter offended you in any way?" Fredrik managed to ask.

Behind them Cedric had already stood up and fixed his clothes.

"Uncle Fredrik, Asia, Chris, I think Miss Katerina would know Mr. Reyes better than any of you." Cedric said from behind. Everyone was shocked that despite being embarrassed Cedric still managed to get up and was confident in speaking in front of the Sebastian siblings. Even the silent Natalia could render any business tycoon speechless.

"I heard about the incident at Nationalia yesterday." Katerina suddenly slapped Asia hard on the face. She then proceeded to slap Fredrik as well.

"We consider Adrianna a friend. You don't even deserve to call her family." Katerina said moving to slap them again, on the other cheek this time.

Behind her Alexi laughed. "My sisters and I have known Mr. Reyes our whole lives. Who are you to claim to know him?"

"Juan, get me some tissues and alcohol." Katerina called out. A bodyguard did as she asked. Katerina cleaned her hands in front of everyone and threw the tissues at Asia's feet.

"Pick them up." Katerina commanded.

Asia bent down to pick the tissues up when Katerina stepped on her hand with a high heel. Asia screamed and cried in pain. Fredrik immediately bent to help his daughter, but he was stopped by Katerina's bodyguard.

"People like you disgust me." Katerina said.

"You see Asia, unlike my friends I'm not kind, or gentle." Katerina continued as a crying Asia nursed her hand. "In fact I am ruthless, and don't even think of calling a lawyer, just saying my name will make any one backout."

Katerina grabbed Asia by the collar of her shirt and dragged her out. Due to Katerina's heels and the marble floor at Mor Co. every step she took echoed throughout the lobby, and combined with Asia's screams and Fredrik's begging everyone was in shock.

When Katerina reached the door, she threw Asia out and turned to the guards.

"Stop letting the trash in. Mr. Reyes hates the smell of trash, especially the desperate kind." Katerina told the guards before turning away and walking back to her brother and sister.

Katerina nodded at Alexi and they continued to walk towards the elevator as if nothing had happened. Alexi suddenly stopped in front of Chris and Cedric.

He grabbed Chris by the collar and gave him a knee to the gut.

"You better learn your place." He told Chris as the man dropped to the ground.

"Aren't you coming?" Natalia, who had remained silent the whole time, asked Cedric.

Cedric simply nodded and took the elevator with them up.

At the lobby the employees of Mor Co. were stunned. The bodyguards of the Sebastian siblings began collecting everyone's phones and devices and deleted any evidence of the events that had just happened.

As public figures the Sebastians still took care of their image, even if they often went about things by force just like today. Since this was nothing new they already had a team ready to secure any evidence from the witnesses.

As for Chris, Alexi's assistant had already thrown money his way for his medical expenses and for him to keep quiet. Chris might have been proud but he knew not to go against a power like the Sebastian siblings.

The security staff at Mor Co., of course cooperated with the Sebastian security detail and destroyed any evidence.

In the elevator of Mor Co.

If anyone in the lobby witnessed the scene now they would be shocked. Katerina and Natalia were giggling like little girls and Alexi was laughing.

"You guys didn't have to go that far." Cedric shook his head. He always had disagreed with both the Sebastian's and the Laurence's method of dealing with problems.

"At least they will remember this lesson." Alexi said slapping his friend on the back.

"You and Ray really are cousins. Why do you always have to settle things with fists?" Cedric sighed. Ray was second cousins with Alexi, Katerina, and Natalia, as the Sebastian family patriarch, Alexi's grandfather, was the older brother of Rey's grandmother on his mother's side.

"Don't be such a party pooper Cedric. It's not like it's the first time we did that!" Katerina teased.

"Plus from what I hear she always mistreats Adrianna, I want revenge for Adrianna. I hate that Asia girl!" Natalia was turning red with anger.

"Um… Natalia, you're turning into a tomato again." Her older sister teased.

Everyone in the elevator laughed at Natalia's odd color change.

When the elevator finally arrived at the president's floor they were surprised to see Nicole spinning around in an office chair talking to Ian.

"Ian, why did I not know that the Sebastians and Nicole Chan were going to visit me today?" When Nicole heard Cedric's voice she suddenly fell off the chair but was flimsily caught by Ian.

"Sir, none of them were on your schedule for today." Ian struggled to help Nicole back up.

Cedric simply sighed and went into his office followed by his friends.

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