37 Chapter 37

Adrianna eventually calmed down and kept quiet the whole meal. Cedric could see Gracia stealing glances to check if her daughter was alright. Despite their differences Cedric knew that Gracia would always have Adrianna's best interest at heart, she just showed it differently.

"Father, I have news as well." Charles was a silent man. He rarely spoke at these things and often avoided getting involved in the family business.

"Yes?" His father asked.

"My in-laws, the Lobo family will be coming for a visit next month." Gracia had been born to the Lobo family in the northern part of the country. Her marriage to Charles was strategic to both families. Both the factories and raw materials used by Island's Inc. were located in the province where the Lobo family basically ruled. They held almost all the power in that province, from the high ranking officials to the police chief. The only part of their province that was out of their control was the industry, one of the largest contributors of which was Island's Inc.

"Of course we will welcome the Lobo family with open arms! Have you booked them a hotel yet?" Grandpa Hernandez asked.

"I was going to ask if you prefer we book them at the Archipelago or at Constellations? Of course Archipelago is the more traditional and high end hotel for them to stay, but a lot of young people in the provinces are clamoring to stay in the main hotel of Constellations." Charles told his father.

"Father, why don't I ask my relatives where they prefer to stay?" Gracia injected.

"Yes, it's best if we ask them, we don't want to assume that since they are from the province they would immediately prefer to stay at Constellations." Grandpa Hernandez said in agreement.

As soon as the matter for her relatives had been settled Adrianna wanted to leave, but due to the Elisia Mall project she had to give an update to the rest of the family. Adrianna held Cedric's hand the whole time.

Cedric knew his wife wanted to walk out, or to scream at her relatives, but this was the life he had been living the past 13 years, with people looking down at him. Initially he wanted to tell them who he was on his 28th birthday, but he realized that if he did that all anyone would think is that Adrianna simply got lucky and that she didn't have any abilities of her own, that she was simply a pretty face that chose right.

After the dinner Cedric and Adrianna immediately left. Since the incident at Quirino, Leon and his team had been following Cedric more explicitly. Cedric saw their black car tailing after them, he remembered to ask Leon if he had found a suitable bodyguard for Adrianna. With how heated things got in the Hernandez home that night he wanted to make sure that his wife was safe at all costs.

The next day at Mor Co., Ian and Leon presented to Cedric a list of suitable candidates, all of whom were women. Cedric quickly eliminated the women who looked too foreign, then those that were too bulky to look like people who would be in areas Adrianna went to.

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Cedric finally settled with a woman named Mai. She looked ordinary enough to blend in the crowd, but she was experienced enough to protect Adrianna should she need it. Mai was equipped with a team similar to Leon's, Mai would start following Adrianna that same day.

In the afternoon Ian suddenly interrupted one of Cedric's meetings, according to him it was urgent, so Cedric went with Ian into his office.

"Sir, the assistant of Mr. Ray just called. According to him John Hernandez is running a smear campaign on your wife."

"How did Ray find out about this before us?" Cedric asked.

"It seems John Hernandez wanted you, as Mr. Reyes, and the Elisia Mall team to hear about the rumors from one of the 4 princes. Due to Mr. Ray's involvement in business John Hernandez used a friend that was cooperating with Mr. Ray's company." Ian read the details that Ray's assistant had sent him.

"Get the VP of Elisia Mall here. I'll talk to him after my meeting." Cedric directed. "Set a meeting between my wife and the VP for Elisia Mall and my wife for lunch tomorrow. The Bamboo Room should be a suitable place, book just a table not the whole restaurant this time."

"Sir, don't you want to know what John Hernandez is saying?" Ian asked his boss.

"It doesn't matter, I know my wife. I don't need to hear it." Cedric would never listen to rumors about his wife, he knew her the best and he trusted her.

"Sir, you'll find it quite funny." Ian tried not to laugh as he remembered the rumor.

"Alright, out with it." Cedric said in surrender.

"According to him, Mrs. Reyes is trying to get into your bed with the help of her husband." Ian was grinning as he told his boss.

"Why would my wife try to sleep with me, we sleep together every day?" Cedric had been so hung up on his presidential persona that he didn't realize the joke. It took him a full 30 seconds to realize what Ian meant. After which he burst out laughing.

"Okay, now that is funny." Cedric admitted.

"Sir, that's why Mr. Ray had his assistant call me, he thought you wouldn't take him seriously." Ian said.

"I wouldn't have. Let's get back to work and settle this matter after. No one defames my wife." Cedric suddenly returned to his cold personality.

Ian was incredibly efficient. By the time Cedric was done with his meeting the VP of Elisia Mall was already waiting in his office. Ian also reported that Adrianna had already accepted the meeting for lunch the next day.

"Tomorrow, you'll meet my wife and make sure that people stop defaming her."

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