1 The First Day

Amas rolled from one side of the bed to the other as the sun rays disturbed his sleep. He'd fall off the bed in a moment if not woken up by the thought of being late on the first day to his new school! Being a delinquent was something Amas didn't wanna do, at least not this time. So he got up and started to freshen up himself quickly, took a bath, brushed his teeth, and got dressed up but didn't eat the breakfast his mother had kept on the table with a note saying, "just reheat it before eating" He didn't have time for it though so he skipped it and dashed through the door with an apple in his right hand. He put on his cycling helmet and hopped onto his ride, if only he had remembered that his bike's break wasn't functional after yesterday's clash with the wall but he didn't and pedaled fanatically towards his school. Feeling the wind on his face Amas rode the bike as if it were a high-end motorbike but of course, he was underage to drive such a thing so the cycle was the best he could do.

The wind crashing against his face made him feel cold on the hot summer day, he thought it was cool so he tried to get more of it. pedaling even faster now he had lost count of how many cars he had overtaken in the past quarter of an hour so continued to do, but.... but then he found himself riding straight towards a car which also was coming at a great speed at least 60 Mph and in a matter of seconds, Amas was down on the road blood spilling across his face and his cycle thrown away with its rims twisted brutally. He didn't die though, thanks to the gentleman nearby who took him to the nearest hospital, and about the man who had struck him, he was so shocked that he just kept on repeating the same words for the next 10 days or, he'd say "Trust me it was just an accident I did not do it on purpose, I swear. " But since Amas had survived he was bailed out only to get arrested again since Amas had slipped into a coma. The guy had to pay a handsome amount of money to get out, be it on bail or bribe.

On the other hand, the boy's mom was totally devastated, after losing her husband the year prior she wouldn't be able to bear the loss of her only child. She burst into tears before the doctor started to comfort her and told her that her child's chances of recovery were fairly well since he was at least in a better condition than the others. The only thing was that he did not know how long it'd take but her boy would recover for sure. Even though it was just speculation, Amas's mom hoped that whatever the doctor said was true. It had to be after all he was still just 17 and starting out high school. How could God take him? It would be ridiculous for even god.

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