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"Hmm... it has been more than one year since I have been reincarnated... damm... and only now I have finally managed to solve all domestic issues of the King's World." Mutter handsome young man sitting on the poor-looking throne.

He had been reborn into the world similar to in the novel The King's World. In a world where every King has a special dimensional world, which is divided into 3 categories, namely Star, Moon, and Sun. There is probably something above, but that was for later. Star has 9 Levels, while Moon and Sun had 6 each.

The world he had, was a bit weird, as he was summoned by remaining people, all of them were Demons, and they called their world The Abyss. This world has two Power Systems, it was apparent that the previous king has already entered some worlds, and attempted to strengthen the word, but unfortunately for his subjects, he was killed in the Warlock of the Magus World.

From information he managed to gather, the King's World's have only appeared several hundreds of years ago, so everything was pretty new, and he was reborn a way before cannon.

The power systems in his World were two. One was from or was similar to the novel The Lord of the Mysteries, thought the Pathway System was a bit weird and you could basically optimize your own pathway if you use enough King's Power and World's power. And it was more inclined as an Evolutionary System.

Second Power System was derived from the novel Dungeon Hunter, and that world was the world the young man was searching for.

"Your Majesty Zarathul, the Kingdom has finished everything. We could open the Realm Gate to another world." Said a tall (6'2") man with red-violet hair, amber eyes, and strong facial features. He appears to be middle-aged and dresses in a black trench coat and pinstripe trousers. He wears a red scarf and a hooded, gray and white flower-print mantle and wears a black fedora. He one of the summoners who called him here.

"Thank you, Chancellor Izunia." He then passed Zarathul necessary information about the realm gate and some possible worlds for invasion, thought Zarathul wanted to invade Dungeon Hunter world. Mainly because he wanted to obtain the position of Demon King of that world, so he could obtain a population of millions of Demons, not talking about many strong powerhouses even for Moon Level civilization, and some had the potential to easily reach Sun Level. Not talking about the possibility to obtain Bloodline of Demon King Diablo, or many skills, complete power system, and Dungeons, they would be useful in the future.

The Realm Gate acts as a portal to other worlds, and the King can also search for new worlds through the gate, and the gate only proves an estimate of the Power Level of a World, and using the Gate is not without risks. The worlds that are invaded rejects invaders, but if the world is conquered it could be assimilated into the King's World.

"How is the strength of the Dungeon Hunter World?" Asked Zarathul with interest.

"It varies based on which part, but generally it is Moon Level World. A dangerous one for the starter, but with his Majesty's strength, it will not be a problem. There are several existences on the High Sequence Level, but we only need to obtain the seat of Demon King to assimilate the entire Demon World, which would bolster the population of the Nether Kingdom to several million and we could also, obtain Dungeons. Previous King only managed to enter the alternate world, which was, unfortunately, a much stronger than one you have set your eyes on, and he only managed to obtain power system and nothing else." Answered back Chancellor Ardyn Izunia.

Meanwhile, Zarathul was sitting on the throne and opened up his status.

[Name: Zarathul von Einzbern

Occupation: King of Nether Kingdom

Pathway: Frozen Throne

Sequence 9: Apprentice


Strength - 55 l Intelligence - 64

Agility - 59 l Stamina - 58

Magic Power - 68

King's Abilities: Plunder, Possession, Might]

'Fortunately for me, my strength is decent, and If I absorb my alternate self, with the technique my predecessor left behind, my strength would be enough to contend against Dukes of the Dungeon Hunter World. Sadly, Low-ranking Sequences are not that useful in increasing attributes right now, hopefully, Sequence 8 potion would be enough to raise some of my stats... and Dungeon Hunter world, have many means on how to use worlds power to increase your own strength.' Thought Zarathul in his head. Before his rebirth, he exactly knew everything about the Dungeon Hunter novel, as he read it many times.

Also, he would have a great advantage, the moment he connected Dungeon Core and King's World, he could summon some of his soldiers, and gain additional manpower, sadly the population of the Nether Kingdom was only 160,000 demons, and the number of soldiers was around 20,000. Most of them thought were Low Sequences with potential between 150 to 200.

"Call General Mard Geer Tartaros." Command Zarathul. Yes, the same Mard Geer Tartaros that was guild master of the Tartaros Guil in the Fairy Tail, apparently his predecessor managed to obtain a Book of Mard Geer before it was destroyed by Zeref. Soon enough he arrived. Mard Geer is tall, lean, and has the appearance of a young man. He had dark purple hair is long and wavy, reaching his shoulders even whilst the majority is tied up in a very large ponytail. Additionally, his messy bangs all but obscure his dark, slanted eyes. He wore the military uniform of the Nether Kingdom, with several medals on it, as he kneeled on his right knee, giving a salute to the Nether King.

"My King."

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