9 Danzo horrible Death

During this yr Lot of things happened . For one Uchiha Massacre happened. Except for Sasuke almost all of them were Mascaraed by Itachi uchiha. Sasuke started hating itachi like anime .But this time it was not because of coupe but because itachi was threatened by Danzo and Hokage. So he made a deal to kill everyone but Sasuke. Nero and sparda clan could have stopped them. But nero did not have good impression of them . He also know that uchiha are proud of their bloodline . They will never lower their heads. to anyone. So he let them be massacred. But when danzo sent his remaining roots to take sharingan Devil force massacred them and took all the sharingan from them. And the blame was naturally shifted to Roots, Itachi and Danzo .

This was something the Hokage and Danzo did not calculate. Sparda clan than sent Devil Force to drag Danzo in the middle of Village to finally end his misery .Hokage of course came with his anbu to stop. But the 5 kage (low) level , 1 kage (medium ) Devil force were present. How can hokage whose age has taken toll on his health be a match. So the anbu convinced hokage to not interfere . Hokage looked at devil force with anger but he knew he could do nothing so he left. After that Danzo got same treatment . He was tortured in various ways most horrible than you can imagined. When he was about to die he was healed and again tortured. and then he was tied on a pole so that people can beat him up.

As the news of Danzo betrayal spread all people came to see the traitor. People throwed stones at him. In this way danzo met his end . Naked , dick cut off and beaten to death by public a humiliating way to die.

In night Hokage came to remove his body to give him a proper burial. When someone who he does not want to see appeared Nero sparda.

Nero : The person who dreamed to be hokage and rule leaf by any means, Was killed by the people of leaf how ironic dont you think.

Hokage : Why are you here Nero sparda. Are you not even going to let him have a proper burial.

Nero : Let me ask you something hokage. Do you think what he got was undeserved.

Hokage is silent. He know the horrible things that danzo has done. But even then the Devil force punishment can be said to be straight out brutality.

Nero: Danzo was a man of ambition . An to get to that ambition he did anything and everything. How many children he kidnapped , how many family has he ruined from his own village, He made those root members into mindless puppets. I gave you a chance to keep him in check but you made the wrong decision.

Hokage screamed : Since you knew about everything why did you not stop itachi why arrive after he left . and why kill roots and danzo.

Nero: Hokage hokage are you a child. Its because i want the sharingan not the uchiha themselves .You made a plan where you can shift all hatred to uchiha and i made a plan where i will get all the sharingan and also get rid of uchiha and roots. and bonus was to torture danzo to death and finish my revenge. I say perfect plan.

Hokage had tears in his eyes . No matter how danzo was he was his dear friend.

Hokage : You are very ruthless and cunning Nero Sparda. You are nothing like your father. You did all this just to get revenge. Everything until now was your plan.

Nero COLDLY : You are smart hokage . But you understood it a little late. He plotted against my father , he kidnapped my pregnant mother. do you think i will let him go .

Nero then raised his arm and a hell fire ball appeared , he threw it to danzo. Danzo body was burnt into ashes in few sec.

Hokage did not stop him or he cannot stop him.

Hokage : If you want kill me and be done with it.

Nero : Although you did not personally participate in the betrayal. You did not stop it either. Let you live like this is your punishment. My great grandfather and Great grand uncle left you the village. But you made the village into this . You let a rotting disease like Danzo feed on life force of this village making it weaker and weaker. you have to stay and die with this guilt.

Nero uses instantaneous movement and Disappears.

Hokage looks in sky. And tears start to fall . Today Nero has finally broken the mind of old man. he seemed even more older.

Nero appears in his home . Tsunade is standing near window and looking at wind . Tears are falling from her eyes.

Nero is only 4 this time so he only reaches her waist.

Nero goes and hugs her. Seeing this tsunade picks him up .

Nero: Mom Danzo is dead. I gave him a horrible death that people will be scared when they hear it. Now its 4 village turn.

Tsunade hears it and hugs nero and started crying. She has never forgotten how the villages and Danzo killed her husband . But she did not go for revenge becasue she still has a son who needs his mother. But today he has proved to her that he was his fathers son . No he was more ruthless and cunning and possibly be more powerful then him in future.

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