1 Megalomaniac

As Dragoner was walking through his spaceship, his home, he was thinking. ''What would be the best course of action? What should I do right now?'' He was new to this, after all. He became Galactic Overlord just a few days ago, as his father, previous Overlord, died from an old age. He now inherited his fathers position, however, he had no idea what to do. After all, all five planets owned by them were self-proficient.

As he was lost in tought, a calm voice brought him back to reality: ''My Lord, a message has arrived. It is from Lord Nassau.'' It was his right hand, Joy. He was a young Limaxian who has served Dragoner's father in his last days. As all Limaxians, he was considered handsome and he was also good with words. However above all, he was loyal.

''Good, let me hear it.'' answered Dragoner.

[I give my greetings to Mercure's son and new Overlord of his territory, Dragoner.

My name is Nassau II, and I'm a ruler of the territory just a few light years away from Yours. I wish to establish good relationship with you and your territory. Please, take this little gift I have sent you. I would like to go over conditions of our relationship, if you'd be as kind as to agree.] This was the message sent by the Ruler Nassau.

''My Lord, I think it is way too daring of them to say it as if you have already agreed on alling with them. I do not think it is a good idea to make them your ally, it seems they are planning something.'' stated his opinion Joy.

After a bit of pondering over this matter, Dragoner said: ''I will agree to become their ally. Send them a message saying that I do agree on meeting them. Let them choose the day and time. Set course to the meeting point once you know the location.''

''My Lord, I think you are way too trusting.''

''Naive, you mean. Do not worry, they are the ones who trust that too.'' for a split second, a small grin showed up on Dragoners face. Joy knew what that means.

''Oh, by the way, what was the 'gift' Nassau was talking about?''

''Do not worry, My Lord, it is being tested for any unnecessary technology. It should be done by now. May I ask you to come with me to take a look at this gift?'' asked Joy with his ever-calm face.

''Of course, let's go.''

They arrived at the testing room. It was a room which was using a very strong space multiplier. Space multiplier was a device that could change space inside of a room, meaning that a room that had 2m³ on outside could have for example 10m³ on the inside. This room had an unbelievably large space inside of it.

''Oh, Lord Dragoner, you have come! It is an honour!'' welcomed him Aldrann. He was an very inteligent Lapidex and a leader of his testing and researching team. They were a team mainly made out of Formoculuses and Neo Sapians, focused on creating new technologies and researching technologies sent from research institutes in Dragoner's territory.

''We have concluded our research just a few moments ago. The technology recieved is safe and effective.''

''I see. Good. Tell me, what is this technology?'' Dragoner was curious.

''It is a new type of engine. This type is not inferior nor supperior in speed to that ours, however, the main point is that it can go on for a longer periods of time. With our current engine, we need to stop every few light years at some planet to adjust the engine. With this one, the distance we can travel has increased by about 13%. And the main thing is that it is not hard to crate, we can make it just as easily as the previous one!'' Aldrann was fired just thinking about this.


''Yes, My Lord?''

''Distribute this technology to each of our planets and order an mass manufacturing of ships with this engine.''

''Understood, My Lord. However, how will we get enough fonds to create this?''

''Create as many as possible. Makeover the old ones. Of course, leave a bit of a reserve for other expenses. When we do not have enough money stop, but there should be some money left after my father.'' said Dragoner. Joy bowed his head and left.

There was a reason he was doing this. His father, Mercure, was the passive type. This was the reason why he had only conquered five planets. He never invested in technology that would help him move to other planets, and even so even if he wanted to conquer other planets, he didn't have a way to get to any uncaptured planets, only those already taken by powerful Lords. He would not attack other lords carelessly. And so he only left his people to live on their planets without care in the world. If anyone attacked him, he just outwitted them and profited from their attacks in a lot of different ways. That's why noone dared to mess with him. That's why a lot of people have proposed alliance, but he refused them because he wouldn't want to agree to conditions, or restrictions, as he called them, because they could prove to be disbenefitial to him and he didn't want to bother with reading the contract.

But Dragoner was different. He didn't want to just keep still and do nothing. He had to see the bigger picture. He had a dream. A dream noone knew about, not his father, nor Joy, nor anyone. He wanted this thing from the times he was a child, and now that he has the technology to go to the right places, he can finally do it. He can conquer the universe.

''Thank you, Mr. Nassau, even though I doubt you know what you did...'' Dragoner let out a slight chuckle.