9 Chapter 9: Damsel in Distress

Chapter 9: Damsel in Distress


I had never run so fast from another person before. But there’s no way that I can explain what just happened to anyone, especially Kell. I imagine that he’d drag me loony been if I did.

Unfortunately, I can’t really avoid talking about what happened because Juliet and Haley are waiting for me by my locker, looking extremely worried, which makes me feel guilty.

Haley throws her arms around me and utters. “Amara, what happened?”

I shake my head and continue to walk. “It was nothing. Nurse Donovan said that I must have fainted because I hadn’t eaten, and my sugar was low.”

Both girls frown in consternation but don’t question me further. Adding credibility to my lie, I head to a vending machine, buy a granola bar and eat it quickly. “I have to go take pictures. I’ll meet you guys in class.”

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They both hesitate at first, then they nod their heads and head to class.

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