19 Chapter 19: My Angel

Chapter 19: My Angel


I hate my life! I think as I watch my mother step out of the room. Once she’s gone. I throw myself on the bed and close my eyes. God, I can’t wait until I graduate.

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Tears form in my, which I refuse to let fall. It’s only when I hear the sound of tapping on my window that I snap out of my self-pity. Frowning, I raise my head and glance at the window. I blink with disbelief as soon as I see who’s standing on the other side of my window.. It’s Kell Cross.

Alarmed, I wonder what he’s doing here. Yet, I can’t pretend that my heart doesn’t skip a beat. Kell gives me an encouraging smile and gestures for me to open the window. How the hell did he get up there?

Frowning, I slip from my bed and creep across the floor until I’m standing in front of the window. Oddly enough, Kell is shirtless, which adds to my curiosity. As soon as I open it, Kell slips inside. “What are you doing here, Kell?” I say as I run my gaze across his naked chest.

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