14 Chapter 14: Secret Revealed

Chapter 14: Secret Revealed


She pulls away from my hand. I had never seen her so frightened and alone before. However, she also seems wary. Like she expects me to mock her or reject her. Her lips are trembling, and her eyes are glimmering with tears.

“I saw them die. I saw those missing girls die. One of them…her name was Leslie, and the other one’s name is Sophie. Someone killed them.”

Her chest heaves as she lets out a few heartbreaking sobs. I don’t know what to do. So, I pull her into my arms and hold her close and whisper soothing words. It’s heart-wrenching to watch her fall apart this way. I’ve always thought of Amara as the kind of girl who is in control of her life, and it’s surprising to see that it is not the case. She continues to cry as if her heart has been broken. After a few moments, she pulls back, wipes her tears, and hesitantly asks, “Please tell me you believe me, Kell. I need you to believe me.”

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