13 Chapter 13: Is it getting hot in here?

Chapter 13: Is it getting hot in here?


“Amara.” He whispers seductively. I gaze hypnotically at his beautiful sculpted chest. He has a tattoo on his collarbone and another on his shoulder. I try to take a closer look, but the words on his neck are hazy. He looks down, tilting his head near mine.

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“Who are you?” I whisper. He doesn’t answer at first..

Heart beating wildly, I watch as he caresses his fingers tenderly down my face. His touch is seductive and sweet. Closing my eyes, I push into his touch, then open my eyes and look at his magnificent wings. His wings are large, extending from his back with black feathers.

Groaning softly, he kisses my eyes and whispers. “I’ve been waiting for you, my Sodales Sempre…”

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