12 Chapter 12: Time to think

Chapter 12: Time to think


“Hey, bro, what happened last night? You came in and disappeared.” Carrick asks as he casually slumps down in the front seat of my car. I don’t answer at first, because I’m too preoccupied with thoughts of Amara as I speed the car up on the way to school. I need to talk to Amara about last night’s epic blunder.

Carrick snaps me from my thoughts when he smacks my shoulder and asks. “What’s wrong with you today, Kell?”

I keep my eyes straight ahead and answer. “It’s nothing man, I’m just tired. Football practice is a killer.”

Carrick leans his head back on the headrest with a frown but doesn’t ask again.

I need to talk to Amara and explain my abrupt departure. But what do I tell her?

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After a moment, Carrick adjusts the volume on the radio and mutters. “I went out with Haley last night.”

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