Nephilim: InnocentsNephilim: Innocents

Nephilim: Innocents

by Buella_1553

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[A/N: This book means a lot to me personally, as I had spent something akin to two years toiling away at it, completely rewriting it multiple—at least four—times, without any reader base, and very little in the way of outside help, but rather a constant barrage of people actively trying to tear me away from my passion. I think there's a lot to like about Nephilim, even if it doesn't exactly fit the "meta" of Webnovel. I mostly keep it here as a monument to the hard work I put in to get where I'm at today, and how much work there is yet to be done. Maybe I'll come back and rewrite it again someday? Or, perhaps even finish it? Who knows! In any case, I hope you'll at least enjoy what's here now.~] -------------------------------------------------------------- In this dark fairy tale set in the era of colonialism and slavery, the West Indies is a place of magic and mystery, uninhibited savagery and violence. Evangeline is the jaded and outspoken heiress of the mysterious Edelweiss family, desperately seeking to break away from her responsibilities to forge her own path in life. That is, until a noble sacrifice is made by her dutiful brother Israphiel, that gives her a new lease on life. She becomes hardened by the harsh, new world she has been thrust into. Becoming stronger, but more wary and distrustful of others, as she faces continual hardship in her fight to hang on to her newfound freedom. At her lowest point she meets Typhon, a cocky and idealistic, if not naive young rogue . After living for years under his father's wing in the cutthroat world of the Blood Rose Island mercenaries, Typhon is willing to give it all up to help El in her dire need. And in doing so, help himself. Together they run away, finding a peaceful life in Typhon's hometown. However, that peace is destined not to last, as by embarking on this path together, Typhon and El unwittingly become wrapped up in the machinations of powerful forces at work throughout the region. From the colonial powers still vying for dominion in the New World, to El's own mother, Satrina, and the dark truths about the Edelweiss family she holds, it seems everything is hellbent to crush their happiness. Nephilim: Innocents is the first act of a story about how one girl's pursuit of freedom inadvertently leads to ruin.

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