1 chapt 1: HikoKana

Fellis City, country of Nechi

2003 June 17th

A man named Hiko was heading home when suddenly, 2 thugs blocked his path

They led Hiko to a nearby alley were they beat him up...

They took his wallet and pulled out a knife,

which they used to threaten him,

he couldnt do anything out of fear...

Just before they took his bag,

a silver haired girl appeared and rang a pocket alarm to alert nearby authorities...

the two thieves ran away luckily leaving Hiko's items

As hiko was about to thanks he was inte-

"come on mister, you're already grown up

Why cant you fend for yourself?" the girl scolded him

Hiko was surprised someone would ever say that to him, all he could say was "sorry, im such a coward" with an ashamed grin on his face

Then the girl asked him

"how are you gonna fight for the ones you love, if you cant even stand up for yourself? "

Hiko replied "maybe ill find that out someday"

The girl sighed and helped him up

"thank you" Hiko said

"no problem" the girl replied

Just when they were bout to part ways the girl asked Him for help

"uh...can you help me find my way back home?, i got lost when i was scouting the city" the girl shyingly said

Hiko agreed to help the girl who apparently just moved near the city,

They explored the city, had some snacks and a fun time on the way...

Eventually they managed to get back home, they said their goodbyes and soon parted ways.

The next day...

Hiko walked the same street as before on his way to visit the Aledaile bridge

Then he heard a familiar cry near the alley

He ran and saw the two criminals,

One was holding the girl's emergency alarm, while the other one was holding a knife

He had no second thoughts and went to tackle the first guy which dropped the alarm, then he got stabbed by the second bandit

Hiko shouted to the girl

"ring the alarm! " and so she did,attracting nearby authorities apprehending the two men

Hiko then fainted...

He woke up on a hospital bed, with the girl by his bedside looking after him

When the girl noticed he was awake she suddenly hugged him and apologized with tears running down her face

Hiko comforted her to stop her sobbing...

He suddenly said "i guess i did find out..."

The girl asked "find out what? "

"how ill fight for the ones i love" Hiko replied with a smile

The girl with tears rolling down her face replied "im glad"...with a smile

The end

written by Nekona shirofumi

story of Hiko Konoe and Kana Konoe

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