Nefarious (EVIL) Affairs (On Hold)
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Nefarious (EVIL) Affairs (On Hold)


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What is Nefarious (EVIL) Affairs (On Hold)

Nefarious (EVIL) Affairs (On Hold) is a popular web novel written by the author KingBiBiK, covering MULTIPLE WORLDS, ANGELS, MYSTERY, ACTION, ROMANCE, GOOD VS EVIL, DEVIL, ADVENTURE, MYTHICAL CREATURES, Fantasy genres. It's viewed by 96.7K readers with an average rating of 0/5 and 5 reviews. The novel is being serialized to 14 chapters, new chapters will be published in Webnovel with all rights reserved.


He broke free from the shackles that bound him for all these years, let go of all the relations he had, and ran away from the responsibility that had become a burden to him. Boian did not have many expectations other than to live peacefully. What a pleasant dream? It's funny how a monster who should be crushing others dreams started to dream about peaceful life. He knew he couldn't live like normal humans. Living to old age with a loving wife and giving birth to a bunch of children was not possible for him anymore. He couldn't live in isolation either due to the food needed to maintain his Heart. The deeply rooted ideology and training he received in food consumption prevented him from doing so. He knew his very own existence did not allow him to live peacefully, yet he tried. But, everything changed when he met a strange girl in his peaceful way of living. A meeting that changed his expectations and pulled him back to the shackles, relations, and responsibility he tried to escape from but this time with no chance of escape. It was because, she gave him the fiercest stimulant that makes or breaks a man, 'Ambition.' He wanted to go back to where he was kicked out with his head high and beat the people who dared to look down on him. Even if it was the DEVIL himself. ***************************** Author half asleep: Simply put. A poor fellow gets messed up real hard by a chick and gets thrown back into the good vs evil cliche war he tried to escape from. Whether the chick be a blessing to him or a burden to him forms the story. Tags: Adventure, Heavy romance [No cliche harem but there are affairs(pun intended)]. Also a lot of action later on. I am a newbie...So be gentle with me plz.. (@Webnovel.com How do I put a cute pic under this?) (Currently under lot of irl work: On pause)


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I Have a Dream that this story will become the favorite of all lingering in their library. I Have a Dream that this story will be liked by men and women of race alike. I Have a Dream that I will be power STONED to death that this story will reach top 20. I Have a Dream that this story will become the worst out all the stories I will ever write. - KiBiBiK (courtesy - Martin Luther King) The beginning is slow paced but it will get picked up later on. I want to bring you on an adventure visiting multiple multiple worlds and experience fun, fights, love, betrayal, war and other things I still haven't finalized lol. Cool mythical creatures and monsters are in the making. Angels are there. No Harem but there will be fanservice and affairs hehe. As I am making this while learning from your feedbacks, necessary changes will be made according to your preference and expectations. Lovely ladies, don't be afraid to try this. This is a neutral story with great importance given to FLs. As or sometimes more important than poor ML. Release speed can be an issue. I hope to do 3-7 a week now. I want to guarantee 3 chap/week. And it will be depending on real-life events and the amount of support I receive. (Also my dopamine fill). The setting will be primarily on Earth before going to another world. (Skip the prologues if you find them boring. They includes details and foreshadowing on what happens. Then go back to get the details if it works for you. Please read up at least up to ch 10 or something before you decide to give up completely.) Tags: Action, Adventure, Romance, Angels, Devil, Multiple worlds, Original, Good vs Evil. Thank you for your support.


A new type of novel. This alone makes it worth to read. Most novels are cliches. But this one definitely is not a cliche. The sudden plot twists and mysteriousness spices the novel really good up. You never know or can predict what will happen. Keep things up! ╰(▔∀▔)╯


If you're tired with the usual novel with repetitive plot. This is your cup of tea. If you want to read something with unpredictable plot. This is your cup of tea. Writing quality, I can't really comment on that since I'm not a native speaker, but its read able, enjoyable. And I have no complaint about it. The story development is unpredictable by me, I don't if you can predict it or not. But KiBiBik almost broke my heart with the sudden turn of event. I don't want to give any spoiler, but it's about the female lead. Anyway, although I almost get heartbroken, it hooked me. Can't run away. *sob* *sob* how could I ran? I can't leave or drop a novel when the plot hanged me. I'm gonna die because of curiosity if I dropped it in the middle. And the one who gonna die is me. In another words, I can't leave this work alone. Character design is a little ******. Not much description, but who need that? Most of the time, you will forget anyway. But we have enough to keep the character going. You won't be disappoint. Unless you have a different taste than I do. As for the world background, it's a bit different than the typical fantasy world background. At first it might be a little hard to imagine, but you will get used to it. Is not really that developed yet, so there's not much I can say. This is the cup of tea for you who already bored with the typical webnovel. Give this a chance.


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Its pretty good novel, different from your usual one but don't knock it till you try it! 140 characters140 characters140 characters140 characters


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