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Necromancer System: Book 3


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Well first this is an amazing sequel I loved 1 and 2 so I bought them. The MC is a beautiful evil bastard in this story so it makes it exciting. The cliffhangers are perfectly put in place (WHY MR.DOJO) all in all this story is 5 stars. I have it 5 star update stability because the author is trying his best to write and work and he still uploads so thanks to him for an amazing story.


Don't mind me giving another 5 star review indeed I just love the story it's well paced. I also like this cat GIF so here you go I hope everybody else also enjoys the story and don't forget to read the first two books.


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love all the NS books always leaves you wanting for a next chapter an evil protagonist with out a gleam of mercy that develops gradually over the course of the book is just fire.


This series is one of my all time favorites on this website. I wish it got more frequent updates but I am glad for the one’s we get. Definitely worth reading the whole series.


I love theses book I found the first one on amazon and now the first 2 books are on audible and they are amazing I can’t wait for the 3erd book to hit audible for now I will half to read here though :) if you love this book as much as I do support the author and bye the audible book! You won’t regret it the narrator dose a wonderful job breathing life in to the characters of this amazing book (I do not know the author or narrator no one asked me to say that just FYI) ;p


The book is quite unique since the main character doesn’t turn in to a classic super hero type every time some stranger is in any sort of danger. It’s really entertaining to read and frankly maybe the most refreshing book I have read in this day and age where every main character what’s to act as a naive child.


Actually got here after i got the other two as audiobooks on Audible. Liked the first one very much, the second one was a bit short on the mc's story and jumped across charakters a lot. Book 3 is comparable to book 1. Very good charakter development and the new introduced charakters are also quite well written. If you prefer the usual good MC wins through power of friendship this novel isnt what your looking for, but if you are tired of the usual cliche MC this novel is a must read.


where is the next book? . . . .


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