6 Boxing Lesson

During break time, Zayd quickly went to the sports teacher that ran the swimming club.

"Sensei, I can't attend the club today. I've got something else I want to do." Zayd said, rapidly stating his purpose.

"I see - are you going to be attending on Monday?" The sports teacher replied.

"I cannot be sure of that right now. I'll let you know in the morning."

With that, Zayd left to return to class. On his way out, he saw the same Boxing Lesson poster on the wall. His eyes were drawn to it every time it was within his peripheral vision, and he kept seeing it more and more since the morning.


Before he knew it, Lunch had arrived. Zayd left for the Faculty Office as he met Himari once again.

During his time in Middle School, the two had bonded over something they had in common. Food.

That's right, Zayd and Himari were both foodies.

"Show it to me...I've been waiting all day..." Himari said with drool leaking from the corner of her mouth.

Zayd unzipped his bag slowly. Taking out an aluminium foil covered object, he gradually unwrapped it, revealing a plastic tub.

A scent spread throughout the small room from within the tub, pervading every part of their being.

"Originally, I didn't expect to be sharing food again. However, I packed extra. Here, your portion."

Himari's gluttonous intentions were made known by her staring at the food. Finally, she grabbed a fork that she brought with her from home before stuffing her mouth with as much chicken and rice that would fit. It caused her to look like a squirrel that stuffed nuts in its mouth.

"Mmmmmmm." Himari moaned in delight as the delectable food travelled down her gullet. She closed her eyes momentarily, allowing the flavour to stamp itself in her memory. When she opened her eyes again, her demeanour changed.

"Zayd. Give me the recipe." Her demanding tone was rather sudden.


Zayd spent the rest of the day rather bored as more and more the Boxing Lesson poster reappeared every time he left the classroom.

Filled with a burning curiosity, Zayd moved hastily the moment the bell rang. Heading towards the Gym, he located where the Lesson was taking place.

The Gym was partitioned off into many areas. There was the main Gym which featured basketball courts, volleyball courts, and more. Nearby that there was a smaller Gym that was designated for more acrobatic type activities. The Boxing Lesson was happening in an older part of the Gym that was separate as the things that took part there stopped taking place.

Entering the Old Gym, Zayd looked around and saw the walls were quite dusty: however, the equipment around the room looked like somebody had been maintaining it.

Off to the back left side of the place from the door, a boxing ring that looked very new attracted Zayd's attention. Mounted on the wall were some heavy bags which hung off chains. Nearby, a rack with boxing gloves of an assortment of colours lay in wait of usage. What looked like a ladder that was flat on the floor with neon-green segments was lying on top of hardwood that was different from the other, newer Gym areas.

As he observed the area, a bald man with wild facial features walked out from a storage area. His eyes were wide open as he stared at Zayd. His gaze was like a beast's. The man had a big build, and his clothes seemed to barely fit him as his muscles stretched out from every inch of his body.

"What's your name?" His deep voice resonated deeply, and the high ceilings of the Old Gym made his words echo.

"Zayd Anwar. I prefer being called just Zayd." He replied.

"My name is Yaju Kaiju, call me Mr Kaiju. Are you ready to begin?"


"Warm-up, then get some gloves on and some headgear and get in the ring."

Zayd hadn't brought his kit as he didn't have PE today and did not plan to come to the Boxing Lesson until about 5th Period.

Instead, he took off his jacket and tie and undid some buttons of his shirt, mainly his top buttons and the buttons on his wrists. He pulled his sleeves up and untucked his shirt. His pants and shoes were fine, as the shoes he wore to school were for sport meanwhile, his pants were flexible enough.

Zayd did some dynamic stretches to warm up.

The moment he entered the ring, Mr Kaiju removed his exterior clothing, leaving himself in a tank top, and revealing those bulging muscles that were underneath. Once he ducked under the ropes with his gloves on he changed. All of a sudden, Zayd felt as though he was in the ring with a beast.

"First things first, have you ever done something like Boxing?"

"Never had lessons. However, I have gotten into a lot of fights."

"If you say so... Right. What you are going to do, is attempt to hit me, no matter how, so long as it is a punch of some sort. To make it fair, I won't use my right hand. I won't hit hard either." As he said this, Zayd felt like the man was a mountain. He was peering down onto Zayd from above.



Mr Kaiju's left hand flew out at speed. Zayd moved back to get out of range, but Mr Kaiju's left hand followed him once more.

Zayd attempted to take the punch with his left shoulder and counter with his right hand that chased after the opportunity.

The mountainous man didn't even flinch. Zayd noticed the man was on the balls of his feet. His movement was quick for a man of his size as he moved to his left.

Zayd understood that since the man was on the balls of his feet, his punches would lack some power. That was not to say that he did not have any, but Zayd considered that he could risk taking a hit and using it to return a shot.

Mr Kaiju was ferocious, and on occasion, he would feint a punch to test Zayd's reaction. Even with one hand behind his back, Zayd could not land a shot so far. Of course, in the past, Zayd had fought naturally talented people. Those fights were more pleasureful, and right now, Zayd felt exhilarated.

'This is amazing.'

Suddenly, Zayd saw Mr Kaiju's hand snap forward with unprecedented power. Mr Kaiju was flat-footed.....

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