26 Amateur Boxing

In the blink of an eye, three weeks flew by.

Over the days, the students had experienced some Boxing lessons in their PE time. Surprisingly, the number of students who joined the club was still increasing. So far, there were about 15 Students, including Zayd, who had joined the club.

For Mr Kaiju, this was light work. He kept the pace he had with Zayd as he focused on getting the other attendees started.

While people were on the bag, some people were doing cardio training, which involved a jump rope, the speed ladder, and other things.

Meanwhile, there would always be four people sparring.

A somewhat chaotic atmosphere that reeked of sweat became the norm in the Old Gym.

The best thing was that the other students seemed to be loving it too.

Enthusiastic every time they attended, Mr Kaiju seemed joyful at all the new faces.


At the hospital, Zayd had his hairline fracture checked up. Zayd was pleased to do sport again. The inactiveness made him feel like his body was declining, which was a purely psychological feeling.

"You were right about healing quickly. This speed is insane! I am assuming you can resume normal function painlessly, correct?" Doctor Sato said with surprise. Over the visits, Zayd had shown visible progress in recovery that was more rapid than anything he'd seen before.

"Yeah, I tried doing some push-ups and some other stuff, and I felt fine," Zayd said as he moved his arm freely.

"That's marvellous. Three weeks for complete recovery of a hairline fracture?! Nobody will believe me!" Doctor Sato wore an incredulous expression on his face upon hearing Zayd's words.


Zayd returned to the club activities the next day. When he met Mr Kaiju once more, he faced a furious welcome back session of training as he went around the circuit.

Of course, Zayd felt sad during the sparring as he smacked around the newbies.

Although that was the case, he thought it was great for their character development. So far, there was a single person who had a good amount of talent in Boxing.

Having more population inside the Old Gym was good due to Mr Kaiju's ability to continue the club. However, for Zayd, it was terrible as he was not receiving the same focused training he had when he was the only member.

As such, he received some more training after everyone else had already left.

Extra training was only possible due to Zayd pestering Aunt Naomi for permission which she was unwilling to give.


The Boxing Lesson finished, Zayd had done more work than before, but he felt fantastic. Endorphins and Serotonin numbed the pain and made everything feel great after some exercise.

"Zayd. I believe you should start taking part in some Amateur Boxing. With the way your skills are developing, you have a gigantic difference in ability compared to when you started. Even if you were not doing Boxing for three weeks, you somehow got better. I don't understand how you work, and I don't want to. So, if you want, I can attempt to help you enter an Amateur Boxing competition."

"Sure!" Zayd's eyes lit up at the proposal of fighting competitively. If Zayd was going to make this his career, he wanted to create a reputation for himself. The best way to do it was to fight and beat everyone he ever faced.

"Alright then, it is settled. That is all for today- go home."


That weekend, Zayd went to the Gym. Once he was there, he texted Minoru to notify her that he arrived.

It was time for Minoru to fulfil the promise that she had made with Zayd before Midterms.

'I wonder what kind of food the place she picked serves?' Zayd thought as he pondered over the many mouth-watering foods that existed that he would possibly be consuming later.

"She said she was by the Ladies Changing Rooms on the first floor. So, over there...?" Turning his head, Zayd saw Minoru typing on her phone as another message came through. 'There she is.'

She was wearing some black leggings with a white tank top. Her hair was in a bun.

"Hey, Minoru-san," Zayd said as he approached Minoru with a smile on his face.

"Hi, Zayd-san. Shall we go to the Heavy Bags?" Minoru suggested as she smiled back.

"Yeah, let's go," Zayd replied.

After getting to the Heavy Bags, they picked one and stood by it.

"Alright, first of all, could you show me some of the kicks? Some spinning ones, maybe?" Zayd requested with the glint in his eyes that was always present whenever he did something fighting related.

"Ah yeah, sure, this kick is the Ura Mawashi Geri, so a back roundhouse kick or also called a Hook kick."

After saying so, Minoru took a unique stance that Zayd had never seen before, and her leg arced through the air as it struck the Heavy bag, causing it to shake and swing.

Her kick had some grace within which Zayd did not expect. It was a strange sight for a martial art that originally existed for killing to seem graceful.


After having been shown a lot of Kicks and other strikes, Minoru showed something called Kata.

Later, Zayd attempted to replicate some of what he had seen. With him looking somewhat awkward most of the time.

Minoru very much enjoyed the process of correcting Zayd's movements as they messed around a little too.

Zayd did not take anything too seriously as his mind had turned to food.


Once they finished, after they freshened up and changed out of their Gym clothes, Zayd and Minoru went to another food place.

This one seemed to specialise in Ramen.

Upon stepping in, Zayd saw many people gorging on noodles as they slurped loudly.

Following the same theme as that burger place they had been to, everybody was silent if they were eating. Otherwise, the entire restaurant would be dead quiet.

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