Natural Born and Spiritually Found Book

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Natural Born and Spiritually Found


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Adriena is part of the ever dwindling population of natural Lycians born each year. With ways to communicate growing it should become easier to find others, but instead it become harder because so many think that the traditions are old and out dated. That in the end leads to so many going outside of the population of Werewolves to find a mate and leaving their next generation without the gene. Only when two Lycians mate can they produce another, and they can only mate with their actual soulmate, but that doesn't mean they can't produce children when non Weres and many chose to do so for various reasons. Tradition has always been followed for all these reasons, but with what having a soulmate does many chose to find a partner else were to get ride of the bond's effects. When you are as strong as most Werewolves tend to be you don't need the help of someone else to heal you or take your pain when you are injured. Most also don't like the thought of someone out there they don't know suffering with them every time they are injured. These are what the bond does though and in such a modern wold most chose to break the bond instead of allowing others to suffer their hurts with them. If you refuse to talk about your pain why would you let someone else feel it after all? Even if they have the power to help you heal from it. Adriena just turned 17 with the harvest moon, she is now faced with the choice herself. She has felt the pain of another for 15 years already and has inflicted her own pain on them just as long. When she has the chance to date the boy next door or go to the yearly meeting where she may be able to find some sign of her mate what will be her choice and will it be the right one...


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