Naruto: Uchiha's Genjutsu Demon

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The 2nd Test Part 1

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"Why is that creepy looking at us like that?" Neji asked Yami while glancing toward the disguised Orochimaru.

"Huh, which girl?" the oblivious Lee asked looking around at the participants. Due to his inability to sense chakra, he didn't even notice the snake's gaze on them. Neji knew that explaining this to Lee would be a waste of time so he ignored Lee and turned to Yami for an explanation.

"All the participants here are rivals of each other so it isn't a surprise that someone wants to harm us to secure their position in the rankings." Yami decided to keep his teammates in the dark until it was really necessary.

Seeing that everyone was already here Anko decided to start the 2nd exam.

"Listen everyone...behind me is the forest of death. Each squad will be given one scroll. This scroll could be the heaven scroll or the earth scroll. After you enter the forest, you must find a group that has the scroll you don't have. Once you have 1 earth scroll and 1 heaven scroll, you can cross the entire forest and reach the tower on the other end. The time limit is 3 days and for a squad to pass this test, all the members must reach the tower. You are allowed to use whichever method you like to snatch the other teams' scroll." Anko explained to them about the exam and after clearing a few doubts from the other participants she lead them toward a tent whose backdoor opens in the forest of death.

"Go in the tent one squad at a time. You will randomly receive the scroll inside and you can hide it with any of your teammates and then enter the forest. When you are inside the tent, no one will know which know you have been given. Remember not to open those scrolls before you reach the tower or else you will be directly disqualified."

Yami and his squad entered the tent and saw a Konoha chunin with a box full of earth and heaven scrolls. The scrolls weren't separated but mixed in randomly. Without looking at the box the chunin picked up a scroll and handed it to Lee who was the nearest.

"I will keep it safe. Give it to me."Neji stretched his hand toward Lee. Lee looked at Yami for confirmation and after receiving a nod in return, he handed the scroll over to Neji.

"We have gotten the heaven scroll. Now we need to search someone with an earth scroll." Lee said while the squad entered the forest of death.

"Do you have any plans Yami?" Neji asked.

"I don't think this test is going to be any challenge for us. I am planning to roam around the forest today while I leave a clone of mine with you guys."

"That's not fair Yami. You want to hog away all the fun." Lee said in a slightly complaining tone.

"I say we don't waste any time and complete this test to break the previous record." Neji said.

"That won't do anything other than make us a target in the later stages and even other villages might keep an eye on us." Yami shook his head. Due to him not doing missions outside the land of waves, not much about Yami was known to the other villages. Hiruzen was also making sure that nothing about Yami's kills or any other feats fall into the hands of other villages especially the Land of Lightning. Who had suffered a great loss at the hands of Yami and then at the hands of Danzo. Even in the land of waves, the credit for all the action was given to all the genins except Yami and Sakura as both of them did nothing. Only Yami took care of the cloaked mercenaries in the end but that part was kept out of the official report.

As Yami was thinking he suddenly remembered something. 'Let's mess up more with the flow of events.' he thought.

"Lee do you want to go see Sakura?" Yami asked.

Hearing Sakura's name Lee had a bright smile on his face. "Yami do you really have something that can help me win her heart?" Lee asked.

"I am nothing of the sort. I am just going to give you a reason that can help you travel with her for a little while during this test and maybe can change her opinion of you." Yami clarified. He didn't want to make such promises to Lee and he knew that the chances of Sakura moving on from Sasuke is too low.

"Fine...I can live with that. Just spill it now Yami." Lee said as he was getting quite restless. He had never felt such emotions for anyone else so for him this was something truly new and exciting.

"When you find my brother's squad tell Naruto that one of the participants in this exam is an Uzumaki. Her name is Karin Uzumaki and she is treated badly by her teammates." Yami said what was on his mind.

"How will that help me garner favor with Sakura? I have no problem with going by myself and rescuing a girl from 2 genins." Lee asked in a confused tone.

Yami facepalmed himself as he said "Naruto thinks that he is the last Uzumaki alive. So knowing that Uzumaki is alive and in the same forest he will definitely want to find her and by saving a bullied girl Sakura would think about you in a new light." Lee didn't question Yami's motives and quickly agreed to this. While all this talks were happening Neji was standing to the side listening to all this.

'Yami isn't the type of guy to waste his time and energy in all this. What is his motive behind having the Uzumaki girl rescued?' Neji thought. He knew that nothing is simple and straightforward when it comes to Yami.

Yami sensed Neji's thought process as he looked him and said "Neji do you have anything better to do?"


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