3 Chapter 3

The movement of Erase was seen Upholstered.

Yerushai turned away and closed his eyes, and then his eyelids fluttered several times, as if he didn't even want to watch the test, it seemed like a deliberate provocation, Obito clenched his fist in exasperation.

"Arrogant...the bastard ... "

"Left far behind his younger brother ..."

Obito ground his teeth.

Kakashi is also an arrogant bastard, he graduated from the Academy so early...but this is also a plus, now he has to watch only one of the brothers.

"I heard that recently Kakashi successfully completed an a-class task, along with Jounin."

"This guy is really too good, he has already advanced to Chuunin, maybe even becoming a Jounin won't take long..."

someone heard Obito's words and deliberately continued.

Yerushai's performance is usually consistently in the top ten of the class, sometimes he even takes the first place, there was no way to mock his abilities, but if you take his younger brother for contrast, everything will be different.

Graduating from the Academy at the age of five and advancing to Chuunin at the age of six, this completely hid the radiance of Yeruashi, it was simply impossible to compare with Kakashi.

Another disciple understood his intention, looked at Yeruashi and said casually, " Ah, although I don't want to admit it, this guy is really a genius among geniuses, compared to him, some people are simply not qualified to be called big brothers."

Everyone could easily understand who these words were referring to.

Without waiting for yerushai's reaction, Hana Yamanaka, who was sitting in front of Him, stood up and looked irritably at Kiva Inuzuka, who was saying, " Hey! What did you say?!"

the Inuzuka clan Member naturally couldn't back down, he looked at the girl and said: "What happened? Am I not right?"

Hana Yamanaka was furious, but she couldn't refute his words.

Erase looked at Hannah and said quietly: "Kakashi really is a genius among geniuses, most people can't compare to him..."

Hana nodded: "Once in how many years do such geniuses appear? Erase, you don't have to worry about it and try to keep up with brother."

Kurenai nodded in agreement.

If we ignore Kakashi, but now Erase is an outstanding genius in this class and has no weaknesses.

Yeruashi was interrupted before he could finish his sentence, and in response, he just shrugged, smiled at Kurenai, and didn't make any excuses.

Although Inuzuka wanted to continue the argument, but seeing that Erase agreed with the girls and not going to get into this, it only remained for him to turn away.

Kurenai looked at Yeruashi, a pair of big beautiful eyes shining: "With such a little brother, the pressure must be very high. "


Yeruashi looked at Kurenai and chuckled: "What problems can there be? The stronger my brother is, the better...isn't that right? I'm not from the Hyuga clan..."

Kurenai blinked and asked: "What about the Hyuga clan? "

" Oh, you don't know... "

Yeruashi briefly explained the internal structure of the Hyuga clan, which greatly surprised Kurenai.

She glanced at the person sitting in the corner of the class and whispered, " I didn't expect the famous Hyuga clan to be like this..."

the Person sitting in the corner of the class is called Hyuga Meng, he is the nephew of the clan head and one of the members of the side branch.

As a member of the famous Hyuga clan, Meng certainly has a certain pride, he always takes first or second place in the class and considers only Kakashi as his goal, he slightly dislikes his older brother, around whom girls are always hanging around.

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In fact, he could also have graduated from the Academy earlier, but the clan elders advised him not to do so, saying that at this age, it was best to practice quietly.


Meng vaguely heard Yeruashi talking about the Hyuga clan, but could not hear the specific details.

In some passages, Hyuga Meng could imagine what he was talking about Erase, his face became grim.

"He's too arrogant..."

Although he was a little annoyed that Yeruashi was popular and constantly surrounded by girls, but it was not very important, but talking about the Hyuga clan is something else entirely.

"Warn" after class?

Hughie's Eyes flashed.

Yeruashi is not in any comparison with Kakashi, according to Meng, among people of the same age, it can only be surpassed by Kakashi.

When Meng thought about it, the last student passed the test, the teacher wrote down the final grades, looked at the paper again and said: "Today's test is over. "

" Uchiha Obito, Aburame Tian, and...I advise you to practice harder. "

"Tomorrow there will be another training test, and in four days the official test, those who can't pass it will stay at the Academy for the winter break until they meet the necessary requirements!"

many students Heard the teacher's words and took a deep breath.

The faces of Uchiha Obito and other people who didn't pass the test paled noticeably, no one wants to spend the winter holidays at the Academy, it would be too embarrassing.

"That's all for today, you can go home early."

the Teacher carefully put the test results in a special folder and addressed the class.

After hearing the teacher's words, the students stood up and bowed, the teacher nodded in response and left, after which the class immediately became noisy.

Erase got rid of the Khans and Kurenai, citing urgent business, and returned home.

Of course, it was interesting to watch the precocious girls arguing over it, but Yeruashi really had more important things to do, he should adapt to the triple acceleration as soon as possible.

When you go from double to triple acceleration, its speed will increase quite a lot.

Erase quickly had lunch, went to the backyard, went into a state of triple acceleration, and began to strike at the special tree.

What would his body grew faster Erase activates double acceleration not only during exercise but also during sleep, metabolism and cell division in the body is also accelerated, one day his life is equivalent to about one and a half days of average person, so although Erase now eight years old, but with the regular use of double speed, the age of his physical body is about nine years.

If he always turned on acceleration, then the body could grow even faster, but this is too boring, and already tedious lessons become like a video in slow motion, every word of the teacher stretches, from this almost immediately begins to hurt the head.

And to look normal, yeruashi will have to slow down his movements and speech, it's too troublesome, so during school, He usually stays in a normal state.

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