25 Chapter 25

The movement of Erase made Geninv some puzzled to raise head.


How did he get through such a difficult task so quickly?!"

the Genins who have not yet understood the essence of the exam showed disbelieving looks, they are still racking their heads over the first question, and Yeruashi has already completed the test, this is too exaggerated!

Someone looked at the outgoing of Erase.

"This guy..."

He already understood that the key to the first stage of the exam is cheating and cheating, but the problem is that a few Chuunin pretending To be Genin examinees still haven't finished answering the questions, and Yeruashi has already passed the test, that's really exaggerated.

"Doesn't that mean that he knew the answers to the questions before the exam started? Bastard."

Thinking about it, he muttered angrily and looked at Erase.

Erase quietly left the class under numerous angry glances.

After leaving the classroom, he took a few steps and stopped.

Kakashi was standing in the hallway, leaning lazily against the wall and looking around, pretending not to notice his older brother.

Erase looked at Kakashi and asked: "Who are you here?"

"Inspector, Ah."

Kakashi put a hand on his chest: "Responsible for escorting the disqualified, but it looks like the level of participants is quite high this time..."

as soon as he said this, Chuunin's stern voice came from the classroom.

"Number fifty-one, disqualified!"


Erase shrugged.

Kakashi reluctantly peeled off from the wall, entered the classroom and led the team disqualified from the exam.

Looking at the outgoing Kakashi, Erase yawned, and went to the venue of the second stage of the exam is known in advance.

But the venue chosen was not the 44th training ground, better known as the Forest of death, but the 31st training ground, known as the Cave of death.


If you look at the training ground, surrounded by a metal fence, you can see a desert area that has almost no vegetation, but its terrain is extremely complex, as if it is washed out by relentless heavy rains, you can see hills of different sizes everywhere, and you can also notice caves.

"This is the place of the Chuunin exam, it is forbidden for outsiders to be here."

Shinobi, who was nearby, noticed the approach of Yeruashi and immediately approached him.

Erase took from his pocket a document and said: "I am a participant in the exam, I just passed the first stage and came in advance. "

" Hmm... "

Shinobi looked at the paper in Yeruashi's hand in surprise and said: "Then wait for the chief examiner to arrive, but the entrance is forbidden. "

" Good. "

Yeruashi moved to the side and waited for the second stage to start.

After a while, the first stage was completed, out of the sixty Genins who participated in the exam, at least half were suddenly disqualified, only about thirty people arrived here.

The Kiri and Kumo teams certainly passed, and in the end the elite was sent to Konoha, and this not too difficult stage clearly did not cause them much difficulty.

"This is the venue for the second stage..."

when Genin Kiri saw the death Cave surrounded by an iron fence, he revealed a predatory smile and licked his lips: "This will be nothing more than an easy walk for us."

the Terrain of the Cave of death is very suitable for shinobi Kiri, who are well-versed in Switon, because in the lowlands there should be a lot of water.

Kisame smiled: "This is quite suitable... "

" This is really suitable...for your burial site."

A rough voice rang out from the side, silencing kisame, and the two Kiri shinobi standing nearby immediately looked in his direction.

He was a dark-skinned, muscular youth with a Kumogakure protector.

"Still unknown who will be buried! "

"Be careful, shinobi Kumo..."

Two shinobi Kiri coldly looked at shinobi Kumo.

This area suits them well, but it also suits the Kumo shinobi who specialize in Ryton. In addition, Ryton is quite good at holding back suiton, shinobi Kiri very often suffer from Ryton Kumo.

Of course, the Kumo Genins were well aware of this, and were dismissive of such a threat from the Kiri Genins, when they were about to respond, a voice rang out.


Shinobi, responsible for conducting the second stage of the exam, said: "Before the start of the second stage, you must sign these papers, because at this stage there are often victims...if you don't want to sign, then you can leave."

many Genins looked at each other, of course, those who have already come here are not going to retreat halfway, soon everyone signed the document.

"Now let's go directly to the exam..."

Shinku yuhi looked at the Genins who signed the document and said: "The second phase involved thirty-four Genin, given the current alone, all twelve teams now each team will be given one jacket, but there are two types of scrolls."

"The goal of this phase is to obtain two types of scrolls, namely, the scroll of heaven and scroll of earth, then you need to get to the observation tower, located in the center of the Cave of death, you have three days..."

"Now go and get the scrolls."

Shiku yuhi waved his hand, inviting the Genins to come over to get the scrolls.

Since there weren't many teams left, the distribution of scrolls wasn't hidden, the six teams that received the heaven scroll and the six teams that received the earth scroll stood on opposite sides, watching each other with hostility.

Shinobi of Kiri and Kumo got the scrolls of earth.

"Um...there is no point in hunting you now."

"Hehe, you are very lucky to get this scroll."

They looked at each other coldly and shifted their gazes to the teams that received the sky scrolls.

The eyes of all the teams that received the earth scrolls were certainly drawn to Yeruashi, who was carrying the sky scroll alone.

"This guy is really one. "

" Hmm...since he dared to participate alone, he must have some skills and might not be easy to deal with, but the strength of one person and a cooperating team is not comparable."

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