Naruto : The Wraith of Konoha
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Naruto : The Wraith of Konoha


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What is Naruto : The Wraith of Konoha

Read Naruto : The Wraith of Konoha fanfiction written by the author KingOfTheNorth18 on Webnovel, This serial novel genre is others fanfic stories, ✓ Newest updated ✓ All rights reserved


-No Harem- Kenji is a curious kid living in the Hidden Mist Village. With zero knowledge of his lineage, tensions and civilian tempers flare while Kenji is thrust into a downward spiral of lies and pain. Set in an alternate Naruto Universe without Naruto himself, which ninja will save the world from dangers to come? That is, if he can trust the world first. I'm not sure, but I think I don't own Naruto...I mean if I did, why would I be here writing this and....well...you get my point. I don't own Naruto.

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Good fanfic... nice fanfic... naruto generation... Well i just start reading this fanfic today... i have to say that it is a good fanfic... although its a bit dark... well at least i did not feel annoyed by this fanfic.... all in all good job... i recommend to read this novel


Is there going to be a harem I have givin 5 stars in hope there is going to be one if not pls tell me Harem harem harem harem harem harem harem harem harem harem harem harem harem harem Harem harem harem harem harem harem harem harem harem harem harem harem harem harem




Figured I might as well do a review to explain how GOOD this story is. I’m still waiting on my Nobel prize as we speak. If you haven’t noticed, this story does not have a Harem, but I think there are too many of those around anyway. I’m trying to make this story as unique as possible in some aspects. The MC will go through pain and suffering but will rise from the ashes to be one of the most respected ninja around. Original right?........right? Anyway, The ninja world used to live in peace and harmony....until the fire nation atta.....I mean until the MC causes a ‘problem’. I try to upload daily and keep the audience on their toes. Basically this story is good. I think. Who knows. I guess you’ll have to find out for yourself. So DO IT! DO IT ANAKIN! I mean join me on this crazy, painful ride!


Hey KingOfTheNorth18, this is one of the better things I've read lately. I feel like you will be able to build on Kenji as the story goes on. I am also with CliffkunLolRekt, as I would like there to be a harem. Hopefully you do not lead readers on to something that will never happen. Look forward to seeing what is next.


It's a good but really dramatic story. Basically it reads as if the author is meticulously planning on how to try and make things more ****ed up every chapter. As such it's a bit of a heavy read if you're more empathic than most. You'll end up thinking... Man this guy really doesn't get a break from the author... Its also not the sort of story you expect to read based on the title.... Its darker and mostly angst proven warrented by dramatic events.


Good novel from what I read so far. By the way, I love your tag no harem at your synopsis, it has incited me to read it. Not like I hate harem but they generally are "des morceaux de fientes" to say it politely.


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